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Elon Musk’s ‘Grok’ Takes on ChatGPT – Battle of AI Chatbots

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Tech billionaire, Elon Musk, takes on AI chatbots by announcing the launch of a sassy chatbot that differs from the existing ones in many aspects. Elon Musk challenges tech giants like Google, OpenAI, and Meta by debuting the first ever AI chatbot Grok designed and developed by xAI company. This chatbot is closely integrated with X formerly known as Twitter.

As per Elon Musk, this groundbreaking AI Chatbot is better and provides a significant advantage over the other available chatbot in the AI arena. Grok is interlinked with X, and bot has the real-time access to the social media platform that Elon acquired a year ago for $44 billion dollars. Contrarily, the other available chatbots rely mostly on the older internet data archives. So, this newly launched AI bot has the competitive edge that it is integrated with real-time data from X (Twitter).

As you can see the Twitter X logo and the Grok ai logo are similar.

The Factors that can Elevate Grok in the Market

As per the official statement by xAI, the company behind this AI Chatbot,

“A unique and fundamental advantage of Grok is that it has real-time knowledge of the world via the 𝕏 platform. It will also answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems”

Elon emphasizes the Grok’s penchant for scarcity and its capability of introducing and bringing a sense of humor into the conversations with AI Bot. In addition to this, this bot will be capable of handling the edgier questions that other platforms restrict. This attribute makes this AI bot a distinctive option in the AI landscape.

Decoding the Naming Choice: ‘Grok’

The word “Grok” is a neologism that was coined by American Science Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein back in 1961. First time, this term was used in his novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”. However, as per the Oxford English Dictionary, the literal meaning of Grok is to understand intuitively or by empathy, to establish rapport with”

Initially, xAI revealed the very basic, beta version of Grok that will be improved drastically in the near future. At this stage, Grok manifests the capabilities of the so-called generative AI chatbots currently available in the market. These AI companies that can create human-like text, imagery and codes have attracted investments dramatically this year. Tech aspirants believe this AI revolution could be transformative as the internet itself, protective approach toward this new technology bubble, and commercialization of this technology is still in its initial stages.

xAI is capable of introducing a fully capable bot within just two months of training depicts how the competitors are ready to challenge the market dominance of the ChatGPT by OpenAI that was launched almost a year ago. X users can use the beta version of Grok, this is available for the users of Premium subscribers which costs $16 per month for an unspecified period of testing time. Since the acquisition of Twitter, the revenue and engagement of X (Twitter) have been declining. The introduction of Grok underlines Elon’s efforts to enhance the revenue and engagement of the platform.

Meta Announced 30 Chatbots

Meta will introduce the 30 chatbots in a similar manner across its Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook apps. In addition to this, Meta will introduce an AI-powered assistant to address the queries of users.

Elon stated earlier this year that AI will be able to do everything and pose a great threat to human manpower. But he founded the xAI this year. Currently, his engineering team is comprised of ex-employees of Microsoft, and Google DeepMind, and is bracing up to compete with existing and established competitors including OpenAI. However, many experts have shown their reservations about the implications of potential biases.

Risks of misinformation, harmful content, and false perception are floated as a great risk among the established rivals of the AI landscape. According to AI ethics expert Reid Blackman, Elon’s intentions to make the AI Chatbot less corrected politically conveys a great risk. On the other hand, X didn’t respond to these concerns. Despite the fact that Grok rolled out recently, Elon claims the Grok’s abilities to compete the latest models introduced by the Mera and Inflection.

xAI admits that Grok’s ability lags behind OpenAI, OpenAI released the GPT-4 version in March 2023. This is because GPT-4 has performed the human level abilities on professional benchmarks. So, GPT-4 is already part of the applications by the partner companies.