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Apple Vision Pro Logo: Company Overview

Apple Vision Pro is developed by Apple Inc. It is a mixed-reality headset which was announced on June 5th, 2023. The device was launched at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Its pre-orders started on January 19th, 2024. It is currently manufactured by Luxshare and its introductory price is $3499.

Apple Vision Pro is based on Vision OS which is iOS-based. Its official global launch date is yet to be disclosed by the company. Apple Vision Pro basically integrates the real world with digital media allowing people to become more productive. Users can use physical input like speech recognition, eye tracking, and motion gestures to interact with the device’s system.

Colors of Apple Vision Pro Logo

Apple Vision Pro never changed its logo and used the following colors

Year Colors
2023 White, black

Apple Vision Pro Logo Details

Just like all Apple’s products, the logo of Apple Vision Pro is also the same; Apple’s logo and text of the product’s name beside it. The company doesn’t seem to change its logo even after the global release of the product because this logo is a good example of minimalization.

History of Apple Vision Pro: Evolution of the Logo

Apple Vision Pro changed its logo in the following ways.


Apple Vision Pro Logo

This logo is the name of the product which also has the icon of the company. The Apple icon is on the left side of the logo followed by the device’s name Vision Pro written in black color. The background is transparent. The font used in the logo is Decour Complete Condensed.


Every logo of every Apple product is simple and there are no extra colors. The company has been setting the standards of minimalization ever since there was no concept of it. Plus, the company never changes any of its product’s logos – they remain the same forever.

Who designed the Apple Vision Pro logo?

The Apple Vision Pro logo is designed by Apple itself.

Who invented the Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is a product owned by Apple Inc.

Where can I find the Apple Vision Pro logo in AI?

You can download the Apple Vision Pro logo AI from VectorSeek.