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Bank AlJazira Logo Vector
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About Bank Aljazira

Bank Aljazira also known as BAJ is a joint stock company and a financial group founded in 1975 in Saudi Arabia. Its headquarter is in Jeddah. The bank started its operations in 1976. In the same year, it acquired branches of NBP (National Bank of Pakistan) in KSA.

The owner of this bank is Tarek Othman AlKasabi and he is also the CEO of this bank since 2016. The bank has 60 branches in Saudi Arabia. It also has many ladies-only branch where each and every employee of the bank is female.

Meaning and History of Bank Aljazira Logo

This bank is famous in Saudi Arabia because they provide special banking services for ladies and for people with disabilities. Plus, they tax their customers with less money and that is why most bank opens more business accounts as compared to any bank in the whole KSA. The bank changed its logo twice in the following years.

  • 1976
  • 2001

Evolution of the Bank Aljazira Logo

The bank is also famous for its credit card services. Workers with the most minimum salary can also apply for a credit card and the best part is that they can get it within a span of 7 days. This financial group provides auto, residential and personal loans as well. Bank Aljazira changed its logo in the following ways.


            This year, the logo has a square and in it, there is what seems like a map in white outside of it on the right, there is light blue filling and on its left, there is dark blue filling. Outside the square, on its right side, the bank’s name is written in Arabic language and below it, BANK ALJAZIRA is written and below it, INNOVATIVE ISLAMIC BANKING is written and right side it, the same text is written in the Arabic language.

1976 Bank AlJazira Logo

1976 Bank AlJazira Logo


            This year, the square has the same contents and is now on the extreme left side and everything else is the same expect the INNOVATIVE ISLAMIC BANKING and its translated text is gone.

2001 Bank AlJazira Logo

2001 Bank AlJazira Logo

Building of Bank Aljazira Logo

The bank is also famous because all of the banking-related things can be done online. Even if you need to apply for a loan or a credit card, you just need to download the app and apply as they ask. The bank’s representative will come to your office or house to get your signatures. The bank’s logo is made up of the following ways.


            Arabic text font is not specified but the English text is written simple Times New Roman and this goes for both years.


In both years, white, light blue and dark blue colors are used.

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Jazira means island in the Arabic language and the white map is rumored to be an old map of Saudi Arabia when it was underdeveloped. It is not confirmed though but the logo sits nicely on the website.

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What is the slogan of Bank Aljazira?

Bank Aljazira slogan is ‘We Innovate for the Future… We Succeed Through Partnership’.