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Brinker International Logo Vector
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About Brinker International

Brinker International Inc. or Brinker is an American multinational hospitality industry. The company owns Chilis’ Grill & Bar, Maggiano’s Little Italy, It’s Just Wings and Maggiano’s Italian Classics restaurants. Brinker International was first opened in 1975 and it is located in Dallas, Texas. It has 1672 restaurants worldwide.

It was founded by Larry Lavine. Its current CEO and President is Kevin Hochman. The industry made more than 2 billion dollars in 2020 and it employs more than 62000 employees. The company became public in 1983 and that was all because of Norman E. Brinker. Chili’s was named Brinker International Inc. in 1991.

Meaning and History of Brinker International Logo

Either a person is sad or happy, food is always a good option. If we are celebrating, food has to be there and if we are sad, food is the best escape. Extreme foodies travel the world to experience new cuisines. Brinker International changed their logo twice in the following years.

  • 1975

  • 1991

Evolution of Brinker International Logo

Have you ever wondered why obesity disorder exists in the first place? That is because food develops a special kind of chemical in the brain that makes people happy and gives relief when they are sad or have anxiety. Brinker International changed their logo in the following ways.


            Before Brinker International, the company was named as Chili’s. The Chili’s logo has it written in small case letters where H and I are joined and instead of an apostrophe, there are a chili icon. This logo also changed three times, the chili icon was always there but instead of H and I, H and L were joined. The current logo of Chili’s is a red chili with a green stem and a green upper-case S is written on its right.

1975 Brinker International

1975 Brinker International logo Vector


            This is the final year of logo transformation. Now, you can see a diamond shape and there is a sun on the bottom of the diamond and rays are coming out of it. Outside the diamond, to the right, Brinker is written on top of upper-case international. There is a yellow star near the rays and two orange stars outside the diamond.

1991 Brinker International

1991 Brinker International

Building of Brinker International Logo

Restaurants don’t have to be big and fancy to serve good food, we have seen restaurants on wheels having lines and lines of people waiting to place their orders. We believe that one should eat all kinds of food once in their lifetime. The Brinker International logo is broken down into two parts.


            In the first year, the font was customized and, in the second year, the font is similar to bold Fira Sans Condensed Book font and the tips of all letters except E are slightly extended.


            In the first year, black, red and green color was used. In the last year, black, orange, yellow and teal color was used.

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The Chili’s logo was very much impressive the H joined with L seems like a chili or a jalapeno. The latest logo of Brinker International is endearing and seems very much delightful. The rest of the logos of Brinker International’s restaurants are amusing.


Q: Is it legal to use the Brinker International logo?

Ans: Yes, download the Brinker International logo from VectorSeek to use it with all legal rights.

Q: Can I edit the Brinker International logo?

Ans: Yes, you can use the Brinker International logo to edit to develop graphic designing skills.