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BuyBuy Baby Logo Vector
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About BuyBuy Baby

Buy Buy Baby, Inc written as buybuy BABY is an American company that sell strollers, clothing and other products for young children and infants. It is a chain of stores and 133 stores are located all around the United States. It was founded in 1996 by Jeffrey Feinstein and Richard Feinstein.

Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California, US. The company is also associated with two more companies; Harmon and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The company is known to be a one-stop-shop for all baby products.

Meaning and History of BuyBuy Baby Logo

Taking care of a baby is like walking on egg shells. Everything has to be done with super care and with softness. There are now companies who train hope to be mommies and daddies in which they are taught how to take care of a baby properly. BuyBuy Baby changed their logo twice in the following years.

  • 1996
  • 2003

Evolution of BuyBuy Baby Logo

Babies are vulnerable; they need extra of everything – extra care, extra comfort, extra sound sleep, extra protection and whatever you can think of. Seeing a kid grow is a wonderful experience even though the first few years are difficult but every minute is worth it. BuyBuy Baby changed their logo in the following way.


            In this year, buybuy is written in small case letters and are joined and below it, BABY is capitalized and written in blue.

1996 BuyBuy Baby Logo

1996 BuyBuy Baby Logo


            In this year, buybuy is written in white and on its right, BABY is written in white as well.

2003 BuyBuy Baby Logo

2003 BuyBuy Baby Logo

Building of BuyBuy Baby Logo

It is hard for every parent to travel with babies and that is why the company provides car seats and other assisted products to travel with ease. You can also get baby-friendly furniture from BuyBuy Baby. The company’s logo consists of the following things.


            The font used in American Typewriter Bold.


            In the first year, dark pink and blue color was used. In the second year, only white color is used.

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Variants of BuyBuy Baby logo

We have different variants of BuyBuy Baby logo – visitors can download and use them in their business card, YouTube channel, websites and assignments without having to worry about copyright issues or any other legal claim. You can download the following different variants of BuyBuy Baby logo:

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The company is very much famous and successful and we think that they could have done better at their logo designing. If you show this logo to someone who does not know about the company, no one would understand. Though no changes are expected in the logo.

What is the slogan of BuyBuy Baby logo?

There are two slogans of BuyBuy Baby: ‘Where Shopping is Child’s Play’ ‘Everything for newborns and toddlers’

How to find free BuyBuy Baby logo vector file?

You can find BuyBuy Baby logo vector file at VectorSeek.