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Cerveza Modelo Especial Logo Vector
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Cerveza Modelo

Cerveza Modelo or Grupo Modelo is a brewery in Mexico that exports beer to many other countries. The company owns famous beer brands like Pacifico, Modelo, and Corona. It was founded in 1922 and its headquarters is in Mexico City. According to stats from 2012, the company generated a total income of 7.1 billion dollars. It has more than 40k employees.

The founder of Cerveza Modelo is Pablo Diez Fernandez. Its parent organization is AB InBev. In 2013, the company was bought by Constellation Brands Inc. Cerveza Modelo is now worth 20 billion dollars company.

Meaning and History of Cerveza Modelo Logo

Beer has become a regular beverage. People from the early age of 18 start to drink it. For the love of beer, there are some countries where one can start drinking beer at the age of 16. It is said that 95% of Americans drink at least two to three beers in a day. The Cerveza Modelo logo changed twice in the following years.

  • 1922
  • 2008

Evolution of Cerveza Modelo Logo

There are so many restaurants and clubs in unrestricted alcohol countries where beer is served as a complimentary drink. Beer has a lot of calories in it and nutritionists always suggest that if one drinks a beer and wants to reduce weight, they will definitely have to cut down on their beer intake. The Cerveza Modelo logo changed in the following two ways.


            This year, the logo was very grand. The logo has an M with lions standing to its left and right on hind legs facing front. The M has a dull-golden outline and below it Cerveza Modelo is written. The lions are also in dull-golden color.


            This year, the logo is again very much impressive. You can see a nested circle. On the top of the first layer of the circle, the text says ‘GRUPO MODELO’ and on the bottom, the text says ‘MEXICO’. There is a thin second layer of the circle having nothing. The last layer of the circle has a wooden barrel with a lion standing on what seems to be side handles. The first layer of the circle is blue, the second is white, the third is blue separated by a white inline and the last layer is blue. The lion is in pink color.

Building of Cerveza Modelo Logo

There are some people who swear that their brain works better than ever after drinking beer before they get to work. The psychologists say that it a mind trick or you can say that the mind tricks you into drinking beer and making you believe that you will work with unmatched potential. The Cerveza Modelo logo is broken down into two parts.


            In the first year, Bodoni MT font was used. In the second year, bold Calibri Body font was used.


            In the first year, dull golden and black color was used. In the second year, white, blue, pink, orange, off-white, white, and brown colors were used.

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Variants of Cerveza Modelo Logo

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The Cerveza Modelo logo is striking and imposing. Do people ask why there is a lion in the Cerveza Modelo logo? The answer is that a lion presents pride and strength and the company has been doing well for 100 years. The second logo of Cerveza Modelo represents its past.


 Q: Who designed Cerveza Modelo logo?

Ans: Cerveza Modelo logo was designed by ‘Keshav Naidu’ but the color scheme was finalized by the company.

Q: Is Modelo Mexican or Spanish?

Ans: Modelo is a Mexican beer but has German roots.

Q: What is the slogan of Cerveza Modelo?

Ans: The slogan of Cerveza Modelo is ‘the fighting spirit’.