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About Chronicle

Chronicle Security is a cybersecurity firm that operates within the Google Cloud Platform. It functions as a cloud service, utilizing a specialized layer built on top of the core infrastructure of Google. Its primary purpose is to enable enterprises to securely store, analyze, and search the vast quantities of security and network telemetry they generate.

Originally developed as a product within X, Chronicle emerged as an independent company in January 2018. Its main focus is on developing tools that assist businesses in safeguarding their platforms against cybercrime. In March of RSA 2019, Chronicle introduced “Backstory,” a new addition to its product lineup.

Backstory enhances the capabilities of existing products such as VirusTotal and UpperCase, which provide threat intelligence by incorporating log capture and analysis. By combining log data with threat intelligence, Backstory enables users to swiftly identify and respond to threats by extracting valuable insights from their security telemetry.


History and Evolution of Chronicle Logo

Chronicle changed its logo 2 times in the following years.

Chronicle 2018 Logo

vectorseek Chronicle

Chronicle 2019 Logo

vectorseek Chronicle


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