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Coldwell Banker Logo Vector
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Real estate companies usually have an abbreviation or full names for their logos. They rarely have a symbol in the logo and also are based on a single color. Real estate companies seldom change their logo. Here, you will learn everything about Coldwell Banker’s logo history, timeline, transformation, evolution, meaning, making and more. You can also download Coldwell Banker logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG.

About Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is also known as Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC. It is an American-based real estate franchise which is owned by Anywhere Real Estate. It was previously known as Sears Financial Network in 1981. The current name was changed in 1993. It was founded in 1906 by Colbert Coldwell, John Conant Lynch, and Albert Nion Tucker.

Its headquarters is in New Jersey, U.S. It also has two more parent companies; it was acquired by Fremont Group in 1993 and later on by Cendant in 1996. It was finally acquired by its current company in 2006.

Meaning and History of Coldwell Banker Logo

The company is known as the largest real estate enterprises having more than 3000 offices in 49 countries. It was founded after the heavy earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco. The company was joined by Benjamin Arthur Banker in 1913 and by 1914, he became a partner. Coldwell Banker logo changed thrice in the following years.

  • 1974
  • 1980
  • 2019

Evolution of Coldwell Banker Logo

By 1920, the company was able to shift its operations in a three-story building which is now is its global headquarters. Coldwell Banker opened its first office outside of California in Phoenix Arizona in 1952. The company was expanding its work in other parts of the U.S. by 1970s and in 1996, it opened its first office in Canada. Coldwell Banker changed its logo in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo is the name of the company written in black color. The two initial letters of the words C and B are designed into one single symbol in white color with thin black outline.

1974 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector

1974 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector


            In this year, the logo has a blue rectangle and Coldwell is written on top of Banker in white color and all the letters are capitalized. Beside the letter Banker, there is a small white square and in it, the CB symbol is designed in blue color.

1980 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector

1980 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector


            In this year, the logo has an enlarged CB symbol in dark blue color and there is a blue star on top of the letter B. Below it, Coldwell Banker is written in blue color with all capitalized letters.

2019 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector

2019 Coldwell Banker Logo Vector

Designing of Coldwell Banker Logo

Coldwell Banker went public in 1968 and became a corporation in 1961. On its 100th anniversary in 2006, the company raised 5 million dollars to support 100 Habitat for Humanity homes. The company also started a website named Coldwell Banker logo is based on the following two things.


            In the first year, the logo is written in a bold customized Calibri Body font. The second year, the logo is written in a completely customized sleek sans-serif font. In the third year, the logo is written in Geometos Neue Extra Bold font.


            In the first year, black and white colors are used. In the last two years, blue and white colors are used.

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Variants of Coldwell Banker Logo

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Coldwell Banker logo had some really professional changes. It somehow represents the typical banking and real estate logo but styled in a very unique way at the same time. The dark blue color in the last logo showoffs extreme executive. Visitors can download Coldwell Banker logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants and formats for free.

Q: How to download a legal copy of Coldwell Banker logo?

Ans: You can download a legal copy of Coldwell Banker logo from VectorSeek. For any editing Coldwell Banker logo PNG variant is recommended.

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Ans: You can use Coldwell Banker logo in SVG to add in your resume.