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Crown Royal Regal Apple Logo Vector

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About Crown Apple

Crown Royal Regal Apple is a product of Crown Royal which is also called Seagram’s Crown Royal. It is a Canadian brand of blended whiskey. The brand was created and founded by Seagram and is now owned by Diageo since 2000. It was first introduced in 1939 in Canada and was introduced in the United States in 1964.

The production of Crown Royal is done at Manitoba and the bottling and blending is done in a facility in Ontario. It was first introduced by Samuel Bronfman and it is now one of the top selling whiskey brands in Canada and the United States.

Meaning and History of Crown Apple Logo

Samuel was the president of Seagram. He introduced this whiskey as a tribute to the royal tour of Canada in 1939 by Queen Elizabeth and King George VI. It is also famous because of its packaging – the Crown Royal black comes in a black felt bag. Crown Royal Black was launched in 2010 and has higher amount of alcohol. The company never changed the look of Crown Apple logo.

Evolution of Crown Apple Logo

The company made its name by participating in spirit rating competitions. Its basic Canadian whiskey was awarded with string of 5 gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2005 and 2012. It received the editor’s special gold award because of it’s the Special Reserve and got 8 ratings by the Whiskey Magazine from 8 critics.

The Crown Apple logo has a golden door like shape and there are dots in the yellow part. The shape has light green curtains which are opened by golden knobs on the top. There is a dark green color and a purple cushion is designed with off white lining. On the cushion, there is a red crown with green and pink gems.

Below the cushion, Crown Royal is written in black, below it, Regal is written on top of Apple. These two letters are in dull yellow color and the letters are capitalized.

Below it, ‘Apple Flavored Whiskey’ is written in dull yellow color and the letters are italicized. Below it, ‘A PRODUCT OF’ is written on top of ‘The Crown Royal Distillery Company’, these letters are italicized. Then below it  TORONTO is written and there is a yellow dot and after it ONTARIO is written, there is again a dot and after it CANADA is written. Below it, ‘35% ALC BY VOL (70 PROOF)’ is written.

Note: There is another logo of Crown Apple and it has Crown Royal written on top of Regal in capital letters and below it, Apple is written capital letters. All of this logo is in green color.

Building of Crown Apple Logo

This brand of whiskey mentioned the Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye in the Whiskey Bible and was said to be the World Whiskey of the Year of 2016. The brand also did a lot of sponsoring in horse racing shows and in motor sports.  The Crown Apple logo is made up of the following things.


            Crown Apple is written in a customized font. Regal is written in Bronzetti Small Capitals font. Apple is written in customized Aviano Serif Black font. The dash of the A and E has a tilde. The texts, ‘A PRODUCT OF’, ‘TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA’ and ‘35% ALC BY VOL (70 PROOF)’ is written in simple Calibri Body font. The rest of the text is written in a customized font.


            The colors used in Crown Apple are yellow, dark grey, light green, dark green, pink, purple, off white, black and yellow.

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The simple version of the Crown Apple logo is boring and the grand one of the Crown Apple is very dignified. It has a lot of colors and it is also the sticker of the bottle.

What is the slogan of Crown Royal?

The slogan of Crown Royal is ‘LIVE GENEROUSLY and LIFE will TREAT You ROYALLY’.

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