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daraz new logo vector
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About Daraz

Daraz is an eCommerce store based in Pakistan. It was launched in 2012 by LUMS students Fareez Shah and Muneeb Maayr. It is South Asia’s leading marketplace which allows brands and local sellers to sell their products via their website and app. Daraz does not charge anything from the sellers to make an account.

Daraz is famous in Pakistan and other South Asian countries because it has more than 100+ categories of products. It is like a hyper mall where you can find everything at different prices. By doing the right SEO of the seller’s account, be seen on the platform’s top recommendation.

Meaning and History of the Daraz Logo

Daraz was acquired by Alibaba in 2018. Before this, the platform was selling products to Pakistani citizens by Pakistani sellers. The best way to shop from Daraz is by seeing the reviews and stars of the sellers’ products. When Daraz became famous, many people complained about the product being different from what the sellers showed. Daraz changed its logo 3 times in the following years.

  • 2012
  • 2018
  • 2021

Evolution of the Daraz Logo

Daraz also participates in the Black Friday events but the Pakistani citizens dissed this idea as in the Muslim culture, Friday is a blessed day and the idea of it being black was considered ominous. This is why they changed the event from Black Friday Sale to Blessed Friday Sale. Daraz changed its logo in the following ways.


            This year, you can see a rectangle with soft edges. 80% of the rectangle is filled with black color and the rest of the 20% from the right is of multiple colors. In the black part, Daraz is written in white color and all the letters are in a small case.

Daraz Logo 2012

Daraz Logo 2012


            This year, you can the rectangle is gone and Daraz is still written in small cases. The letter D is of multiple colors and the rest of the letters are in purplish blue color.

Daraz Logo 2018

Daraz Logo 2018


            In this year, the logo now has an orange and white colored customized shape that looks like the letter D. On its right, Daraz is written in orange color and the letter D is capitalized and the rest of the letters are in a small case.

daraz logo 2022

daraz logo 2022

Designing of Daraz Logo

Daraz became more famous when it gave discounts on buying of smartphones and on large appliances. Selling on Daraz is very easy and you can also select between different languages. You can also buy things on bulk from the platform just like Alibaba but this feature is still under progressive mode.


            In all the years, customized Calibri Body font was used in the logo.


            In the first year, black, white, and rainbow colors were used in the logo. In the second year, rainbow colors and purplish blue color was used in the logo. Last year, white and orange color was used in the logo.

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The Daraz logo has always been very confusing. Since it is an e-commerce store, there are so many things that could be added to the logo to make it wondrous. We think that multiple colors represent different categories of products.


Q: Who designed the Daraz logo?

Ans: Daraz logo was designed by Design Studio.

Q: How to download the Daraz logo in PNG format for free?

Ans: You can download the Daraz logo in PNG format for free.