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Dora The Explorer Logo Vector
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About Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an American animated cartoon series for children. It was created by Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh and Eric Weiner. The series are available in Spanish and English. The first series was launched on 14th August, 2000 and ended on 9th August, 2019.

The series was a production of Nickelodeon Animation Studio. In the cartoon series, you can see a Latin American girl who goes on different adventures with her monkey in boots. Dora asks viewers to help her find objects and items.

About Dora the Explorer Logo

Kids love Dora the Explorer cartoon series because they are interactive and easy to understand. Even though the cartoon series ended in 2019, kids can still them on the Nickelodeon channel. Most episodes are of 25 minutes and the special episodes are of 45 minutes. Dora the Explorer never changed their logo.

Evolution of Dora the Explorer Logo

There are 178 episodes of Dora the Explorer. You will be surprised to know that there are different apps and games for kids that have Dora theme and their downloads are in millions. You can also find Dora coloring book on almost all bookstores. Dora the Explorer logo has the text Dora the EXPLORER. ‘The’ is written in small case letters in an arrow. Dora is placed over the arrow and below the arrow, EXPLORER is written.

Building of Dora the Explorer Logo

Dora the Explorer episodes can also be seen on YouTube and many cartoon channels around the world air this show in different languages. It is also considered one of the best cartoons for children where kids can actually learn about different things. Dora the Explorer logo consists of the following things.


            Dora the Explorer is written in customized Calibri Body font.


            The color of D is purple, O is of blue color, R is of orange color and A is of green color. The is written in white color and the arrow is of dark blue color. EXPLORER is written in pink color.

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Most cartoon or animated series don’t change their logo. Though on the tv, you can see Dora’s face peeking out of the O of the Dora. The logo is full of bright colors which excite the kids as soon as the logo appears on the tv.


Q: What is the real name of Dora?

Ans: The real name of Dora is Dora Marquez.

Q: How many logo variants are available of Dora the Explorer?

Ans: You can find 4 logo variants of Dora the Explorer at VectorSeek.