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Dr. Martens Logo Vector
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Shoes logos are of two types; either you will see mountains and terrains or you will just see the name of the company. For some reason, shoes logos give an unknown impact. Here, you will know everything about Dr. Martens logo transformation, timeline, history, meaning, evolution and building. You can download Dr. Martens logo in different formats and variants including PNG, AI, Vector and SVG.

About Dr Martens

Dr. Martens is also known as DMs, Docs and Doc Martens. It is a British footwear and clothing company founded by a German maker. It was founded in 1947 by Klaus Martens and its headquarters is in the UK. Its chairman is Paul Mason and its CEO is Kenny Wilson.

Other than shoes, the company sells shoe care products, clothing, bags and boots. As of 2022, the company made an income of more 908 million pounds. The shoes is very much known for its bouncy sole.

Meaning and History of Dr. Martens Logo

The bounciness in the sole occurs due to air-cushioned technology to provide extra comfort. The founder served as a doctor in the German army during the era of World War II. He discovered that army boots are highly uncomfortable and he couldn’t wear them due to an ankle injury. Dr. Martens changed its logo in the following two years.

  • 1947
  • 1952

Evolution of Dr. Martens Logo

After the war, the founder collected a lot of leather and made soft boots from it but didn’t get much success in selling them. Martens then met a friend who helped in marketing the business and initially the boots became popular among house wives. Dr. Martens logo changed in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo had a black and white circle and it is overlapped by Air Wair written in black color. Below it, there is a black line with text ‘with bouncy soles’. The words with and soles are capitalized and written in yellow color. The word bouncy has the B letter capitalized and the rest are small and it is in white color.



            In this year, the black and white circle is now black and yellow and it is overlapped by Martens in black and yellow colors. Air Wair is placed on top of the circle and on its left, Dr. is written in black color. There is still a black line with same words and combination.

Designing of Dr. Martens Logo

Dr. Martens shoes became a big hit by 1952 and that was the time when he started a shoe designing and manufacturing factory in Munich. The company was soon getting orders from different parts of the world. Dr. Martens logo is based on the following two things.


            In both years, yellow, black and white colors are used in the logo.


            Both the logos used completely customized fonts.

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The addition of the yellow and black circle is unknown. No one knows what it represents. The lines in the second logo represents grip of the shoe. Visitors can download Dr. Martens logo in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

Q: Who designed Dr. Martens logo?

Ans: Dr. Martens logo is designed by Ross Evans.

Q: How to remove the circle in Dr. Martens logo?

Ans: You can remove the circle in Dr. Martens logo by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: Which is the best variant of editing Dr. Martens logo?

Ans: You can download Dr. Martens logo in SVG for editing purpose.