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Fanatec Logo Vector
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About Fanatec

Fanatec is a German brand that manufactures dedicated sim racing hardware like PC-based simulators, cockpits for Xbox and PlayStations, force feedback pedals, steering wheels and brakes for enhancing gaming experience. It was founded in 1997 by Thomas Jackermeier. Thomas loved to play PC-based games and then turned his hobbies into profession and then business.

The current CEO of the company is Thomas himself. Even though, he got his degree in business administration but his love for gaming never ended. The company is working with different and known car manufacturing industries and making gaming steering wheels for them.

Meaning and History of Fanatec Logo

We have seen people playing games and making millions of dollars – they play games, record themselves while playing it and upload it on websites like YouTube. Playing games is also good brain, according to psychologist, the brain develops as we play games. Fanatec changed their logo only twice in the following years.

  • 1997
  • 2002

Evolution of Fanatec Logo

Scientists, psychologists and researchers selected two groups of kids in their early teens. One group was given toys to play and the others were given video games to play with. It was said that the second group with the video games became more alert to their surroundings. Fanatec changed their logo in the following two ways.


            In this year, FANATEC is written in a customized font.

1997 Fanatec Logo

1997 Fanatec Logo


In this year, only F is now the logo and it is three thick lines are piled in a way that it makes an F.

2002 Fanatec Logo

2002 Fanatec Logo

Building of Fanatec Logo

There is no doubt that outdoor games and play time is very important for human body and brain development but now, psychologists and researchers also recommend parents to allow their kids to play video games for a small amount of time. The Fanatec logo is broken down into two parts.


            In the first year, the font is similar to Praetorian Bold Expanded Italic and Steiner Italic fonts. In the second year, the F was completely customized.


            In the first year, Fanatec was written in white with black background and, in the second year, the F was is written in black color.

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Gaming has become a huge part of the new and upcoming generation. We have also seen kids excelling at their driver’s license test and upon asking about the origins of their mastery, many of them will tell you that they learnt via simulator car games. As for Fanatec logo, the company is worth millions and they could have put in effort and money to make a better logo because it gives no representation of the company.


Q: Who designed Fanatec logo?

Ans: Fanatec logo is designed by the owner Thomas himself.

Q: What is the slogan of Fanatec?

Ans: The slogan of Fanatec is ‘The Largest Selection of Gaming PC Builders’.