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Fanta Logo Vector

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About Fanta Company

In Germany, Fanta is a popular brand of carbonated soft drinks considered to be the perfect Coca-Cola substitute. This drink was first introduced in 1940 due to trade embargoes between America and Nazi Germany that were limiting access to ingredients like caffeine; however, this did not stop Max Keith who created his own version with more than 150 flavors worldwide!

The name of the soft drink is derived from the German word “fantastisch,” which means “fantastic.” Coca-Cola HQ didn’t like this name, but they thought the brand needed a more exciting name. The German public was incredibly fond of the new brand, so Coke HQ decided to change it to Fanta. After the war, the soda brand was introduced to the rest of the world and became one of the world’s top-selling sodas. The company was able to reach global popularity by the 1970s.

As the company’s first product, Fanta is made with fruit juices. It has 150 flavors worldwide. Its history dates back to 1940 when the German version of the beverage as a substitute for the original Coca-Cola. Due to the Nazi regime, the Italian version of the drink is bright orange and was made from local citrus. In the following decades, the product continued to be a popular drink but was distanced from its Nazi association.

Today, Fanta is one of the most popular soda brands in the world. It is the second most popular carbonated beverage in the world and is owned by Coca-Cola. Its sales in the UK in 2019 were PS217 million. A recent survey indicates that the brand is still popular in Europe. It is the third-highest-selling soda in the world and is the second most popular soft drink after Coca-Cola.

About Fanta Logo

The iconic color of a sunny drink, orange is present in almost all logo versions and it’s the basis for what makes you feel energetic. A combination of yellow and red means excitement as good enthusiasm to this dynamic duo color!

In order to create a more youthful and vibrant feel for its brand, one company decided on the power of orange as its main trademark color. This choice was motivated by how it can be seen in almost all logo versions- from logos with an emphasis on sunniness (such as drinks) or those containing some sort of social message like “awareness”; this energetic hue also has associations related specifically towards excitement and enthusiasm!

Fanta Logo Download

If you are looking for a creative and engaging way to market your beverages, look no further than the Fanta logo! This versatile and eye-catching logo can be used in a variety of marketing materials, from advertisements to product packaging. With its sleek and stylish design, the Fanta logo is sure to catch the attention of your customers and help promote your products. So why wait? Download the Fanta logo in JPG PNG PSD SVG EPS Formats In Single Zip today!

When was the Fanta logo created?

The original Fanta logo was created in 1940 and consisted of an elegant, curved black logotype. The lowercase letter “f” is bold with a fancy tail that adds to its overall look.