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Google Lens Logo Vector
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About Google Lens

Google Lens is an advanced image recognition technology created by Google, with the purpose of retrieving relevant information about objects through visual analysis utilizing a neural network.[2] Initially introduced at Google I/O 2017,[3] it was initially available as a separate application before being integrated into the standard camera app on Android devices.


History and Evolution of Google Lens Logo

Google Lens changed its logo 5 times in the following years.

Google Lens 2017 Logo

vectorseek Google Lens Logo

Google Lens 2019 Logo

vectorseek Google Lens Logo

Google Lens 2020 Logo

vectorseek Google Lens Logo

Google Lens 2021 Logo

vectorseek Google Lens Logo

Google Lens 2023 Logo

vectorseek Google Lens Logo


Logo Formats and Usage

At VectorSeek, you can download different editable files of Google Lens logo. Below are the most downloaded Google Lens logos available at VectorSeek:

  • Google Lens logo PNG
  • Google Lens logo SVG
  • Google Lens logo AI
  • Google Lens logo Vector

You can also download all of these formats of Google Lens logo in a zip file.


Google Lens logo PNG File

PNG files offer versatility in digital applications and are especially useful for incorporating transparent images like logos into backgrounds with varying colors or layered images. However, they are not suitable for printing.


Google Lens logo SVG File

For website logos, it is advisable to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. SVG allows images to be scaled without losing quality, making them particularly well-suited for high-resolution retina displays.


Google Lens logo Ai File

Google Lens Artwork (AI) is a distinctive file format developed by Adobe Systems. It is specifically designed for displaying vector-based artwork on a single page and supports both EPS and PDF formats. Additionally, it offers convenient options for making edits to the artwork.