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Google Meet Logo Vector

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Google Meet Logo: Company Overview

Google Meet is an application developed by Google that provides video communication service. It was a replacement of Google Chat and Google Hangouts. Another Google’s app Google Duo was renamed to Google Meets on November 1st, 2022. Google Meet was first only available for Google Workspace users but in the early months of COVID-19 spread, the company announced that it will be free for everyone.

After this announcement, Google Meets was downloaded and used by 100 million users. As of the end of 2020, Google Meets is now used by more than 200 million users. Google Meet was launched on iOS devices in February 2017 and it was formally launched in March 2017 for all devices. A single Google Meet session can be attended by 30 people.

Colors of Google Meet Logo

Google Meet changed its logo 2 times over the years and used the following colors.

Year Colors
2017 White, Cyan
2020 Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White

Google Meet Logo Details

Google Meet logo consists of typical Google colors. The logo is completely self-explanatory which defines its main feature “video conferencing”.

History of Google Meet: Evolution of the Logo

Google Meet changed its logo 2 times in the following ways and years.


google meet 2017 logo

google meet 2017 logo

This is the first logo of Google Meet. The logo has a chat icon shape with cyan color fill and inside the shape is a camera icon shape with white color fill. This logo is said to be designed by Google’s in-house graphic design team. Since this app also included the feature of chatting and video conferencing, this is what led the selection of elements and shapes in the logo.


This is the current Google Meet logo. The logo has a video icons shape designed with different elements. The top left corner of the shape is inverted. The lens of the camera is designed using a customized triangle shape. The elements and shapes have color fill and are integrated with one another resulting in lighter and darker shades.


The first logo of Google Meet was derived from Google Hangouts and Google Duo. Each element from take from both logos; the chat icon shape was taken from Google Hangouts and the video icon shape was taken from Google Duo. The latest Google Meet logo has no words or letters. Even though the logo has many colors but it is still considered minimalist.

Who is the CEO of Google Meet?

The CEO of Google Meet is Pichai Sundararajan.

What is the nickname of Google Meet?

The nickname for Google Meet is Gmeet.