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GrabFood Logo Vector
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Food delivery companies have a location, speed or food icon and the name of the company in their logos. They also use a single or double color scheme and this is done in order to enhance readability and provide visibility to the users. Here, you will know everything about Grabfood logo history, meaning, evolution and creation. You can also download it in different variants and formats including PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

About GrabFood

GrabFood is a subsidiary of Grab Holdings which provides different kinds of services including technology, transportation, food, parcel and grocery delivery, e-commerce, financial and vehicle rental services. GrabFood was launched in 2018.

It is a Singaporean multinational company which was founded by Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling and its headquarters is in 3 Media CL, Singapore. As of 2019, the company has more than 6000 employees working around the world.

Meaning and History of GrabFood Logo

The company works like every other food delivery company where it is accompanied with different food chains in Singapore. The company operates 24*7 and operates via app available for Android and iOS users. GrabFood never changed its logo.

Evolution of GrabFood Logo

The company is known as the biggest job provider in Singapore and it also has the best policies for employees. GrabFood also has a transportation service which works as a rental company and a parcel delivering service. The logo is the name of the company. Grab is written on top of Food in white color on a green background. Grab is written in white lines. The initials of both the words are capitalized and the rest of the letters are in small case.

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GrabFood logo is just like any other food delivery service company logo. The green and white color made it very much seeable and the lines in the word Grab represent streets. Visitors can download GrabFood logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants.

Q: Who designed GrabFood logo?

Ans: GrabFood logo is designed by Grab Technology.

Q: How to fill colors in the lines of GrabFood logo?

Ans: You can fill colors in the lines of GrabFood logo by downloading it in PNG variant.

Q: How to download GrabFood logo in SVG?

Ans: You can download GrabFood logo in SVG from VectorSeek.