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Haldirams Logo Vector
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The world would have been very different if there were no snacks. The world would weigh a lot less. Many nutritionists and dieticians say that munching on snacks is healthy. Although some people have snacks to fill up their stomachs and this is when it becomes unhealthy. Today, you will learn about Haldirams logo transformation, history timeline, meaning, evolution, building and much more. You can also download Haldirams in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

About Haldirams

Haldirams is a multinational Indian restaurant, sweets and snacks company. It was founded in 1937 by Ganga Bishan Agarwal. Its headquarters is in Nagpur and the company also deals in manufacturing potato chips, frozen foods, and beverages. The company made revenue of more than 800 million US dollars in 2019.

The company has 5 manufacturing plants in different parts of the country. The founder was known as Haldiram Ji in his home and he had a retail shop of sweets and salty delights in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Meaning and History of Haldirams Logo

The company first expanded its business in Kolkata. The first manufacturing plant of Haldirams was started in Jaipur in 1970. By the end of 1990s, the company established another manufacturing plant in New Delhi. The frozen food was introduced by the company in 2003. Haldirams logo changed twice in the following years.

  • 1970
  • 2003

Evolution of Haldirams Logo

This company is ranked 55th most trusted brand in India. Haldirams was also known as the biggest snack company in India and it gave a tough competition to the global brands that were selling in India. As of 2021, Haldirams products are now common in more than 80 countries. Haldirams logo changed in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo has a red oval and in it Haldirams is written in white color. There is an abbreviation of the company’s name in white color connected with the letter d of Haldirams by a line curved into a circle.

1970 Haldirams Logo vector

1970 Haldirams Logo vector


            In this year, the logo has a customized square in yellow color with red lining. Haldirams is written in red color and below it, Nagpur is written in black color with all capital letters. Outside below the shape, ‘TASTE OF TRADITION’ is written in black color.

2003 Haldirams Logo vector

2003 Haldirams Logo vector

Designing of Haldirams Logo

Haldirams now has more than 400 products which are also shipped internationally. It products are famous because they are inexpensive as compared to other snack companies in India. Haldirams was also marketed in different Bollywood films. Haldirams logo is based on the following two things.


            Haldirams is written in an italicized floral typeface font. The text in the second logo is written in Calibri Body font.


            In the first year, red and white colors are used in the Haldirams logo. In the second year, yellow, red and black colors are used.

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The first logo of Haldirams logo gave a tough competition in the Indian market of snacks. The second logo of Haldirams logo is very much traditional and it represents heritage. The abbreviation in the logo is a bit off. Visitors can download Haldirams logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants and formats.

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