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Hanwha Q Cells Logo Vector
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About Hanwha Q Cells

Hanwha Q Cells or Q Cells manufactures PV cells (photovoltaic solar cells). Its headquarters is in Seoul, South Korea. The company was founded in Germany in 1999. Its current CEO is Hee Cheul Kim. It has more than 8k employees.

The company is a subsidiary of Hanwha Solutions. The company was founded by Paul Grunow, Holger Feist, Reiner Lemoine and Anton Milner. The company made its first polycrystalline solar cell in 2001 that actually worked.

Meaning and History of Hanwha Q Cells Logo

The industries of the world are now dissing carbon and this means that they want to use solar energy to enhance and grow their production. The government of some countries are exempting vehicle taxes to those citizens who buy electric powered cars. Hanwha Q Cells changed their logo twice in the following years.

  • 1999
  • 2001

Evolution of Hanwha Q Cells Logo

The new world believes that when there is a way to produce solar energy then why opt for energy where we have to pay. Burning and fuel and gas has already destroyed a lot of our global warming system. According to some environmentalist, the world will get better when solar energy is promoted. Hanwha Q Cells logo changed twice in the following two ways.


            In this year, Q is in blue color and CELLS is in black color and below it, the text says ‘a Hanwha company’.

1999 Hanwha Q cells

1999 Hanwha Q cells


            In this year, the text ‘a Hanwha company’ is gone and the rest is the same.

2001 Hanwha Q cells

2001 Hanwha Q cells

Its Good to Know: Hanwha has its own logo as well. In that logo, there are three circles overlapping each other and the first circle is in orange color and the rest of the two are in light orange pinkish color.

Building of Hanwha Q Cells Logo

Every sector in the world would face a huge loss if the power goes away for 30 minutes maximum. Each sector of the world uses energy and power for some reason. Hanwha Q Cells logo was made with the following two things.


            In the first year, Q Cells was written in Dessau Demi Bold font and ‘a Hanwha company’ was written in rounded Neogrey Medium font. In the last year, ‘a Hanwha company’ was gone.


            In both years, light blue and black color was used.

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There is nothing special about the logo but if you look at the logo piece by piece, the font is very much impressive. It is unique in some way and it also gives a professional look to the logo. The logo of Hanwha (the overlapping circles) is though very unique in its own way.


Q: What is the slogan of Hanwha Q Cells?

Ans: The slogan of Hanwha Q Cells is ‘Completely Clean Energy’.

Q: Where can I use Hanwha Q Cells logo?

Ans: The Hanwha Q Cells logo can be used in websites, YouTube channels, assignments, signboards and business cards.