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Just like businesses, music bands and singers also have their own logo. Although some singers and music bands don’t have but the custom of having logos for this sector is now getting into the branding and designing industry. Here, you will learn everything about Hatebreed logo history, meaning, evolution and making. You can also download Hatebreed in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector formats and variants.

About Hatebreed

Hatebreed is a metacore band based in America and it was formed in 1994 in Connecticut. Its genre also includes beatdown hardcore and hardcore punk. The band had a cult following in 1997 when it released the album ‘Satisfaction in the death of desire’.

The band hit the billboard 200 when it released its album Perservance in 2002 after signing with Universal Records. Initially the band used to sell its music to the locals and in 1995 it released on a split 7th with New York’s Neglect.

Meaning and History of Hatebreed Logo

In 1997, the band became the most famous hardcore music band in America and it sold millions of record copies. Even the non-hardcore fans were seen in Hatebreed’s concerts and musical tours. Hatebreed never changed its logo.

Evolution of Hatebreed Logo

A tragedy happened within the Hatebreed band; one of the guitarist named Lou Richards committed suicide at the age of 35. He was also the lead guitarist in the satisfaction is the death of desire album. Though Lou left the band in 2002. The logo is the name of the band. The letters are in small case and are in red color and there is dark red flame around it.

Designing of Hatebreed Logo

One of the lead guitarists named Seam Martin also quit the band in 2009 to start a music studio and pursue other music related things. The guitarist is still friends with the Hatebreed band members. Hatebreed logo is based on the following two things.


            The logo used white and red colors.


            The font is similar to Korger Gothic.

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There are other logos Hatebreed but they differ from album to album and that is why we have considered the final logo that is the same on the website. The flame addition in the logo gives a representation of dark and hardcore. Visitors can download Hatebreed logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants for free.

Q: How to increase the size of flames of Hatebreed logo?

Ans: You can increase the size of flame of Hatebreed logo by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: Which is the best website to download legal variants of Hatebreed logo?

Ans: You can download legal variants of Hatebreed logo from VectorSeek.