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Hennessy Logo Vector

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You can make your business stand out with the Hennessy Logo Vector. It’s transparently layered and means you get to put colors on top while maintaining an accurate black and white version for showcasing yourself or what brands represent in this design!

About Hennessy Logo

Hennessy is a staple in the drinker’s world. It has been for years, and it will continue to be as long as there are those who love blue cheese or need some help holding their liquor. A little taste of heaven before they make a nice, warm cup of regrets coffee tomorrow morning.

This logo is an iconic, artistic representation of the founder Rupert Hennessey’s signature. As a brand ambassador, you can actively partake in the legacy by displaying your love for this superior liquor everywhere- from t-shirts to tattoos!

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How many other companies have used the same logo as Hennessy Logo?

When you're looking for a logo that's both iconic and timeless, choose Hennessy Logo. For over two centuries, the H with the raindrops followed by an N has emblazoned its mark on many of your favorite things. What began with Napoleon has become the logo for Hublot watches, Courvoisier cognac, Absolut vodka... If it needed to be classy in the 1800s or now, HNME got it covered.