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Jazz cash logo vector

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People are dissing traditional banking and switching to small banking options like mobile payment or mobile wallet apps. This is because traditional banks have recently started to charge a lot of fees for each transaction. Citizens of Pakistan are opting for the Jazz Cash app and here, you will know all about its logo transformation and download PNG, SVG, Vector and AI formats.

Meaning and History of Jazz Cash Logo

Jazz Cash was previously known as MobiCash and it is a branchless mobile payment and mobile wallet app. It was launched in 2012 and at that time, it was just a service. People could send and receive money from different vendors or service shops. The sender had to have the receiver’s CNIC number and send money from a vendor or service shop. Jazz Cash never changed its logo.

Evolution of Jazz Cash Logo

The current CEO of Jazz Cash is Aamir Ibrahim. This app is a subsidiary of Jazz network and internet service providing company and before Jazz, it was called Mobilink. Ever since the Jazz Cash app has launched, a very few percentages of the population now opts to get services from a vendor or shop. People of Pakistan prefer Jazz Cash over any bank since you can pay all kinds of domestic bills.

The Jazz Cash logo has a red circle with light red and yellow dots and it is overlapped by Jazz written in yellow color. On its right, Cash is written in yellow with a red outline. There are red dots outside the circle as well.

Building of Jazz Cash Logo

Pakistan has ranked 7th position on providing the most freelancing services around the world. There was only one hurdle and that was getting paid from the customers who lived out of Pakistan since PayPal was restricted in the country. But Jazz Cash has made it easier for the locals to accept cash from any country via Payoneer. Jazz Cash partnered with Payoneer to provide this brilliant service. The Jazz Cash logo is based on the following two things.


The Jazz Cash logo uses red and yellow colors.


The Jazz Cash logo used extra bold Calibri Body font.

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Jazz Cash logo seems very groovy and the logo has a jazzy touch to it. The color combination is very dazzling and catches the eye. The company might have done thorough research on the logo since it looks nice on the app, website, and even on posters as well. You can try out different colour combinations of it by downloading the Jazz Cash PNG logo format.

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