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Keller Williams Logo Vector
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You can make your business stand out with the Keller Williams Logo Vector. It’s transparently layered and means you get to put colors on top while maintaining an accurate black and white version for showcasing yourself or what brands represent in this design!

About Keller Williams Logo 

First and foremost, Keller Williams should be briefly explained. The simplest definition of the word Keller Williams is that it refers to a real estate agent. However, we know that there is more than just buying or selling property at stake here. If you want your house or business space to be perfect for potential buyers, who are looking for their next investment. This means you need help from professionals like Keller Williams Realtors.

The best part about the Keller Williams logo is that it changes based on which region you are in. Grab your own today to join in with what’s happening all over America.

You know what you want. You have a plan for your business – and this logo is just the beginning of building your empire. The world will come to know who you are,  from your work-home balance, to how satisfied the agents in your office are create awareness with branding that looks good anywhere on a coffee mug or Instagram picture now. In JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, EPS formats to spice up your design projects or impress your clients.

Meaning and History of Keller Williams Logo

If you are looking for a company that provides good working environment then try becoming an employee of Keller Williams because according to Career Bliss, this is the ‘happiest companies to work for’. In 2019, the company got more fame than before. Keller Williams changed their logo only twice in the following years.

  • 1983
  • 2013

Evolution of Keller Williams Logo

There was another founder of the company; Joe Williams. Both the Williams started out selling local residencies in Austin. After two years of the company’s existence, the became very well-known in Austin and had 72 licensed agents. Keller Williams changed their logo in the following ways.


            This year, KELLER is written on top of Williams and below it, REALTY is written. Above KELLER, there is a thin grey line with KW written in a very fancy font.

1983 Logo

1983 Logo


            This year, KW is joined and are in small case and is written on top of KELLER WILLIAMS. There is no space between Keller and Williams.

2013 logo

2013 logo

Building of Keller Williams Logo

Keller Williams was the only company that hired agents during the US recession and after two years, the company had 130 licensed agents and were considered one of the top agents in the US. The first franchise of Keller Williams was opened in 1991. The Keller Williams logo is made of the following two parts.


            In the first year, Keller Williams was written in bold Times New Roman and Realty was written in simple Times New Roman. The KW was customized and seemed like flowery font. In the second year, KW is customized and Keller is written in bold Calibri Body and Williams is written in simple Calibri Body.


            In the first year, Keller Williams had dark pink color and Realty was in dull light grey color. The line and KW are also in blurry light grey color. In the second year, KW is in red color and Keller is in dark grey color and Williams is in light grey color.

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We personally liked the first logo of Keller Williams. The company has a good reputation and are said to be the most professional kind and that is why the first logo suited the company. The had to opt for minimalization resulting in a second logo.


 Q: What is the slogan of Keller Williams?

Ans: Though they don’t have a slogan they have a tagline written on their website ‘Find Your Dream Home’.

Q: How to find the Keller Williams logo for free?

Ans: At VectorSeek, you can find Keller Williams logo for free.

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Is there a story behind the formation of the Keller Williams logo, and if so, could you tell me?

This Keller Williams logo sparks a dazzling, enchanting aura as it washes over your being. As an embodiment of brand awareness and stewardship through affluence, the logo overwhelms her beauty and is only matched by the strength of her presence. Matching or exceeding expectations in all that she does or brings into alignment is just a small sum of her glory - there's no limit to what she can accomplish!