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Lachlan Logo Vector
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  • May 06, 2022
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About Lachlan

Lachlan or Lachlan Ross Power is an Australian Youtuber who was born on 25th August 1995. He is an internet celebrity and a professional gamer and also gives commentary on video games like Fortnite Battle Royale. He is also the founder of a lifestyle brand and gaming organization named PWR.

Lachlan made his first YouTube account under the name of CraftBattleDuty and commented on video games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Minecraft. In 2017, his channel grew a lot when the Fortnite game became famous.

Meaning and History of Lachlan Logo

Lachlan is one of many YouTubers who have crossed more than 10 million subscribers. He also has other channels associated with his main channel. You will be surprised to know that Lachlan is one of the millionaires as well. Lachlan has two logos.

  • The thunder icon
  • The M icon

Evolution of Lachlan Logo

There are so many people who make YouTube channels and after some years of uploading videos and doing SEO of it, they earn a lot of money. Lachlan was born in Brisbane, Queensland. His mother, Lynne was a bank manager and his father Darren was a local politician. The logos of Lachlan was formed in the following ways.

The Thunder Icon

            This logo has a black background and the thunder icon is made up of three shapes. The thunder icon is yellow in color.

The M Icon

            This logo has a yellow background and M is made of four shapes in black color.

Building of Lachlan Logo

Lachlan has three siblings. Lachlan also does a lot of charity work and that is also why he has so much fan following. He is available on Facebook, Instagram, Lachlan, Twitter and other social media platforms. The Lachlan logo is made up of the following things.


            In both logos, there is no text.


            In both logos, black and yellow colors are used.


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Most YouTubers have become a brand themselves and they usually don’t have a logo. Lachlan’s logos are very much simple but they have become an icon for Lachlan’s channel.


Q: Who designed the Lachlan logo?

Ans: Lachlan logos are designed by a Melbourne-based graphic designer company.

Q: Can I download the Lachlan logo?

Ans: Yes, you can download the Lachlan logo for free at VectorSeek.