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Liveleak Logo Vector
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About Live Leak

Live Leak written as LiveLeak was a British video-sharing website. It was founded on 31st October 2006 and it was dissolved on 5th May 2021. Its headquarters was in London, UK. It had different founders but the first named was Hayden Hewitt.

The website showed any video regarding politics, war, events or anything. The website faced a lot of dissing because they would not censor any video content nor they would put a trigger warning. There is no confirmed news why the website shut down.

Meaning and History of Live Leak Logo

Even though the website had many videos on it but it got famous in 2007 when the video of the execution of Saddam Hussain was posted. This video made the site a hit for many years. More than a million visitors visited the site on daily basis. It also showed videos of street violence among teenagers. The website never changed its logo.

Evolution of Live Leak Logo

The street violence was covered by a BBC program named Panorama but they censored some violent scenes. Live Leak somehow got the full footage of the clip and posted it on their site. Panorama even asked the website to take it down but the founder refused and said, this is real life, and people need to see it. The logo of Live Leak has a square with red and white color. In the red part, Live is written in white, and in the white part, Leak is written in red. There is a camera recorder icon on the top right corner of the red part of square and beside it ‘Redefining The Media’ is written.

Building of Live Leak Logo

Live Leak again got famous in 2008 when they a film named Fitna was posted on the website. The film was anti-Islamic and it was taken down after 48 hours because the founder Hayden got a lot of death threats. It was again posted on the website on 30th March 2008 but was taken down due to copyright claim issues. The Live Leak logo was made up of the following parts.


            All the text in the logo used simple Calibri Body font.


            Only red and white colors are used in the logo.

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The Live Leak logo is just like any other logo of a news channel. The website could have made a fortune but not everyone can watch violent videos and content. The addition of a video recorder was a good idea in the logo.


Q: What is the slogan of Live Leak?

Ans: Live Leak’s slogan is ‘Redefining The Media’.

Q: What is the meaning of the Live Leak logo?

Ans: The meaning of the Live Leak logo describes open media. The video recorder represents video content on the website – the unfiltered video content.