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Banks have the most boring logos. Banks of the Eastern countries have less boring logos compared to the Western ones. Eastern countries banks logos have more than one color and also have a symbolic representation. Here, you will learn everything about Meezan Bank logo history, evolution, meaning, building and much more. You can also download Meezan Bank logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG.

About Meezan Bank

Meezan Bank is a Pakistani bank and it is also known as the first bank to start Islamic banking operations in Pakistan in 2002. The bank was founded in 1997 by Irfan Siddiqui. Its current CEO and President is the founder himself and its chairman is Riyadh S.A.A. Edrees. The bank employs more than 11500 people working in Pakistan.

It deals in premium banking, business banking, consumer banking, savings, debit cards, credit cards, and loans. The bank made an income of more than 210 million US dollars in 2021. It is licensed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Meaning and History of Meezan Bank Logo

It is a subsidiary of Al Meezan Investments. It has 3 parents companies that hold major shares; Islamic Development Bank has 9.32% of the shares, Pak Kuwait Investment Company holds 30% of the shares and Noor Financial Investment Company holds 35.25% of the shares. Meezan Bank never changed its logo.

Evolution of Meezan Bank Logo

Its headquarters is in Karachi and it has almost 900 branches spread across the country. Meezan Bank controls the operations of HSBC Bank Middle East in Pakistan – this was a big achievement of the bank as it signed an agreement with HSBC in 2014.

Meezan Bank logo has a green circle with white inline followed by a purple thick inline. It has another set of two white and green inlines. The center of the circle has white filling and there are three green shapes making a triangle. In the top part of the purple inline, Meezan is written in white color with all capital letters. In the bottom part of the purple inline, Bank is written in white color with all capital letters. Outside on the right side of the circle, Meezan Bank is written on top of ‘The Premier Islamic Bank’. All of these letters are in black color. There is a yellow brushed line below the word Premier.

Designig of Meezan Bank Logo

Meezan Bank also acquired operations of HSBC in Oman in 2015. The bank provides several options for personal banking and this is why this bank is opted for by students who work as freelancers. Meezan Bank logo is based in the following two things.


            Meezan Bank logo is written in Times New Roman font.


            Meezan Bank logo uses green, white, purple, black and yellow colors.

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We are not able to understand why there are three green shapes in the center of the circle and we also have no idea what do they represent. It seems some kind of recycling or hazardous sign. The yellow brushed line gives an outstanding showcasing of the bank. Visitors can download Meezan Bank logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants and formats for free.

Q: What is the slogan of Meezan Bank?

Ans: Meezan Bank’s slogan is ‘Shariah-compliance, Integrity, Service Excellence’.

Q: How to remove text from Meezan Bank logo?

Ans: You have to download Meezan Bank logo in PNG to remove text.

Q: How to enhance colors of Meezan Bank logo?

Ans: You can enhance colors of Meezan Bank logo by downloading its SVG variant.