Michelob Ultra Logo Vector

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Michelob Ultra Logo Vector
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About Michelob Ultra

Michelob is a beer-producing company that manufactures 5 types of beer including Michelob Winter’s Bourbon Cask Ale, Michelob Pumpkin Spice Ale, MichelobMarzen, Michelob Pale Ale, and Michelob Honey Lager. The company was started by Adolphus Busch in 1896.

The beer was only introduced in bottles, in 1966, the first can of Michelob was introduced in the market. The company introduced Michelob Light in 1978 and Michelob Classic Dark was launched in the market in 1981. Michelob Golden Draft was introduced in 1991.

Meaning and History of Michelob Ultra Logo

The beer bottle of this company also won a medal award for best bottle design in 1962. The bottle of the beer was very much unique; it was in the shape of a teardrop. The teardrop represented a water droplet. The Michelob Ultra logo was changed twice in the following years.

  • 1961
  • 2007

Note: The logo on the stickers on the beer bottle has remained the same. Here, we are mentioning the logo transformation present on the website. Even though the company was formed in the 80s, the actual logo was formed in 1961.

Evolution of Michelob Ultra Logo

The marketing campaign of this company is purely based on sports. The marketing campaign promotes sportsmanship and that is why it got close to folks around the world. Michelob Ultra changed its logo in the following ways.


            In this year, there is an eagle holding a piece of paper and behind the eagle is a capitalized A and above the A there is a star. Below it, Michelob is written on top of ULTRA and below it there is a red ribbon.

1961 Michelob Ultra logo vector

1961 Michelob Ultra logo vector


            This year, the eagle and capitalized A are gone and Michelob and ULTRA are separated by that red ribbon. The eagle is facing to the right.

2007 Michelob Ultra logo vector

2007 Michelob Ultra logo vector

Building of Michelob Ultra Logo

For the ultimate beer lovers, the company introduced their limited-edition seasonal specialty line which included 4 different beers for the 4 seasons Michelob Pale Ale spring, Michelob Porter winter, MichelobMarzen fall and Michelob Bavarian Wheat summer. The company’s logo included the following two things.


            In both the years, Michelob is similar to Sterling Script Alts font and ULTRA is written in Dutch Mediaeval Pro Regular font.


            In the first year, the eagle and star were in white and golden color with a blue outline. A is in red color with a single golden line. Michelob is written in blue with a golden outline, ULTRA is written in blue and ribbon is in red.

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Many designers are curious that why the eagle is holding a piece of paper and they have also zoomed on the paper but nothing made sense. Though the color mixing is very grand which results in making an amazing logo.


Q: Who designed the teardrop bottle?

Ans: The Michelob’s teardrop beer bottle was designed by Tinker Hatfield.

Q: Who owns Michelob Ultra?

Ans: Michelob Ultra is owned by the Anheuser Busch Family of Brands.