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There was a time when mobile manufacturing companies used to just put their names. But now, companies are spending their time, money and brains in adding the best logo to boost up their success charts. Here, you will find all the details and information about Realme logo including its timeline, transformation, history, meaning, evolution and building. You can also download Realme logo in different variants and formats including PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

About Realme

Realme is a Chinese-based consumer electronics manufacturer. It was founded in 2018 by Sky Li and its headquarters is in Guangdong, China. Its current CEO is the founder and its vice President is Madhav Sheth.

The company manufactures smart band, smart watches, bags, smart TVs, AIoT products, phone cases, realme UI, powerbanks, earphones, tablet computer and smartphones. The company is mainly known for manufacturing smartphones and tablets.

Meaning and History of Realme Logo

Its parent company is BBK Electronics and it is the division of Realme TechLife. It is also a sub brand of Oppo which is also a smartphone manufacturing company. The company’s growth rate in the global market is more than 800% and it known to have the best smartphones that support and enhance the speed of 5G network. Realme changed its logo three times in the following years.

  • 2018
  • 2020
  • 2021

Evolution of Realme Logo

The first smartphone of realme was named as realme 1 and was launched in May 2018. The company was a part of Oppo and the founder separated the company and announced it on Sina Weibo. Realme smartphones were first introduced in the Asian market and this is how it became a potential competitor in the smartphone industry. Realme changed its logo in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo is the name of the company where real is written in pink color and me is written in black color.


            In this year, the logo is just a customized letter R in grey color. The letter is capitalized.


            In this year, the logo has a yellow rectangle and realme is written in grey color with all small letters.

Designing of Realme Logo

Realme has become the fourth largest smartphone brand after vivo, oppo, Samsung and Xiaomi in sales. It is famous as it is affordable as compared to other smartphone brands and it is very much durable. Realme logo is based on the following two things.


            In the first year, only pink and black colors are used. In the second year, only grey color is used. Third year, only grey and yellow colors are used.


            In the first year, simple Calibri Body font is used. In the last year, the font used is a customized Aeonian Medium.

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The logos of Realme have been interesting as compared to other smartphone brands that just have a name in monochrome color. In the second and last year, the letter R is styled in a unique way. Visitors can download Realme logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants for free.

Q: Who designed Realme logo?

Ans: Realme logo is designed by Eddie Opara.

Q: How to add Realme logo in my business card?

Ans: You can add Realme logo in your business card by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: How to break down Realme logo?

Ans: You can break down Realme logo by downloading it in SVG variant.