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About Samsung

Samsung is an electronics company which is very well known for their smartphones. The company also sells AI tech, home improvement tech, security automation tech, medical devices, robotics, internet of things, and semiconductors. The company’s full name is Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

It was founded in 1969 and its headquarters in in Suwon, South Korea. Its current chairman is Lee Jae-yong and CEO is Kim Ki-Nam. The company made a huge revenue of 279.6 trillion South Korean Won in 2021.

Meaning and History of Samsung Logo

Samsung is among the biggest job providing country in the world as they employ 266,673 employees working in South Korea. It has manufacturing plants in 74 countries and it is the largest company having foreign investors. The company is known as the second-largest tech company and the second-most biggest manufacturer of smartphones. Samsung changed its logo 6 times in the following years.

Evolution of Samsung Logo

You will be surprised to know that Samsung is the biggest manufacturer of display screens, camera modules, image sensors, semiconductors, and lithium-ion batteries for big clients like Nokia, HTC, Sony and Apple. Before selling any electronic devices, the company was called Samsung Group and it used to sell sweeteners and fertilizers. Samsung changed its logo in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo was a black square and had a white circle. The white circle had three black stars with lines and what seems like a wheat stem. Outside the white circles, there are Korean letters in white color.

Samsung Logo Vector 1938

Samsung Logo Vector 1938


            In this year, the logo had a red square and a white circle with red inline and followed by white filling. The white part had three red stars and what look like two red snails. Outside the square on right, SAMSUNG is written in black color.

1969 logo

1969 logo


            In this year, the logo had 3 hexagon honeycomb shape in red color and had white stars in it. On the right, SAMSUNG is written in black color.


            In this year, SAMSUNG was gone and the 3 hexagon honeycomb shapes were left.

Samsung Logo Vector 1980

Samsung Logo Vector 1980


            In this year, the logo had a blue oval and SAMSUNG was written in white color. There are no dashes in both A letters.

1993 logo

1993 logo


            In this year, the blue oval is gone and SAMSUNG is written in the same way. Only Samsung is now blue in color.

Building of Samsung Logo

Even though there was a lack of technology in the old days but Samsung Group was manufacturing goods with fast pace. Lee Byung-Chul was the founder of Samsung Group and was advised by Toshio Iue founder of Sanyo to focus on electronics export. In 1969, the joined hands with Sanyo and was named as Samsung-Sanyo. Samsung logo is made up of the following two things.


            In the first year, the font is unknown. In the second year, bold Calibri Body font was used. Third year, TT Interfaces Black font was used. In the fourth year, there was no font. In the last two years, Breeze Sans font is used.


            In the first year, black and white colors are used. In the second and third year, black, red and white colors are used. Fourth year, only red and white colors are used. In the fifth year, blue and white colors are used and in the last year, only blue color is used.

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Samsung logos have come a long way and the first logo can be added in the exceptional category. In those years, there was literally no competition of logo designing. The hexagon honeycomb addition was catchy. The second-last logo was ideal and the last can be called a good example of minimalization.

Who designed Samsung logo?

Samsung logo was designed by Ray Larabie.

What is the slogan of Samsung?

The slogan of Samsung is ‘Together for Tomorrow’.