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Indian political parties have more effect on their public as compared to the President of the country. Political parties’ logos give a vibe of determination and sometimes, extremism. Here, you will find the logo details and information of Shiv Sena. You can also download Shiv Sena logo in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector variants and formats.

About Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena means the Army of Shiva. Shiva is one of many gods of the Indian religion. The party was founded in 1966 by Bal Thackeray and its leader is Rahul Shewale. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. The party promotes old cultures of Indian cultures, rules and norms.

The party’s throne is the Thackeray family and its rules and regulations are decided by the family’s elders. The party was very much active in Mumbai but it soon expanded its preaching in other parts of India.

Meaning and History of Shiv Sena Logo

Before promoting the Hindu agenda, the political party was only promoting Maharashtra culture. The party’s ideology, rules and policies are very much aligned with BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party). Shiv Sena changed its logo two times in the following years.

Evolution of Shiv Sena Logo

Many surprising news and leaks showed that the Shiv Sena party has a hold on Hindi film industry which is also known as Bollywood. The logo of Shiv Sena is seen in the starting of some movies. Shiv Sena changed its logo in the following ways.


            In this year, there is a map of some region of India in orange color with black outline. There is a face of a tiger roaring with rage in white, yellow, red and black color. There is text written in Hindi language in black color.

1966 Shev Sena

1966 Shev Sena


            In this year, the logo has an orange circle and there is a bow and arrow pointing to the sky and below it, there is text in Hindi language in white color.

1998 Shev Sena Logo Vector

1998 Shev Sena Logo Vector

Designing of Shiv Sena Logo

The founder was a cartoonist who posted political cartoons in Marmik newspaper in the 1960s and by 1966, Shiv Sena was founded. Shiv Sena logo is based on the following two things.


            In the first year, the logo used orange, white, orange, black, yellow and red colors. In the second year, the logo used black, orange and white colors.


            In both the years, the fonts are completely customized.

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For some reason, the logos of Indian political parties are extreme and show a raging side. The current logo of Shiv Sena shows ambition and sturdiness which is a better transformation from the roaring tiger. You can download Shiv Sena logo in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

Q: Which is the best website to download Shiv Sena logo for free?

Ans: You can download Shiv Sena logo for free from VectorSeek.

Q: How to remove the tiger from the first logo of Shiv Sena logo?

Ans: You can edit the Shiv Sena logo by downloading it in SVG variant.