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Tostitos is a product of Frito-Lay that distributes tortilla chips to the US. Introduced in 1976, Tostitos has expanded its line to include five different types of tortilla chips. Originally sold exclusively in black bags, Tostitos is now available in eight different colors and flavors.

Tostitos come in five different chip types:

  1. Baked! Scoops, which were introduced in 2009 and are shaped like bowls.
  2. Flames, which have a spicy coating. Low-fat baked tortilla chips created for healthier snacking. Tostitos’ website claims that they “offer all the authenticity of traditional tortilla chips with 30% less fat.”
  3. Restaurant-style tortilla chips, which are extra thick and fried. Restaurant-Style Scoops, a “cross between traditional tortilla chips and Tostitos” Scoops, according to the company. These have a thicker rim than Scoops do.
  4. Tostitos Salsa con Queso, tortilla chips accompanied by queso dip.
  5. Tostitos Multigrain Tortilla Chips, which the company says “combines the wholesome goodness of corn with a touch of whole grain.”


Late in 2011, Tostitos partnered with Frito-Lay to launch a brand of snacks called Late July Organic Snacks made from organic corn, produced in a facility certified by both the Non-GMO Project and the Organic Crop Improvement Association.

In addition to tortilla chips, Tostitos also produces a range of dipping sauces in a variety of flavors. These include salsa con queso, guacamole, chili cheese dip, queso Blanco with jalapeno peppers, and nacho cheese sauce. Their website offers copycat recipes for some of their dips.

The company also makes two varieties of “Scoops” for dipping: Scoops! Mild Salsa and Scoops! Spicy Salsa . Tostitos is one of the most popular tortilla chips in America. In 2009, Tostitos claimed to be the “number one selling tortilla chip brand in America.”

The following year Frito-Lay, the parent company of Tostitos, announced a new distribution agreement with Walmart as part of their plan to expand market share. This expansion led to increased visibility for the brand and a major advertising push that focused on Tostitos’ status as a snack food meant to be shared.

Frito-Lay has been developing new flavors and products around the idea that Tostitos is a good choice for snacking between meals. In 2010 they introduced two items aimed at healthy snacking: Baked! Scoops and low-fat Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips. As an extension of this effort, they also launched Salsa con Queso and nacho cheese dip.

About TOSTITOS logo

In 1979, the Tostitos logo was established, and it remained with the company for almost six years. It was a simple yet distinctive black bag with the words “Tostitos” and “Puntos de Maiz” stacked one atop another in capital letters. The logo was accompanied by a stylized sun icon.

Tostitos has gone from a rather generic wordmark to an attractive emblem with hidden meaning since its debut in 1979. The Tostitos logo was simplified in 2012, with the “two men with chips and sauce” motif remaining as the major one. The wordmark’s inscription was composed with a single straight line, in which all the letters were angled to various sides. The initial “T” bisected the sun icon, which now poignantly pointed towards the “i”. The two men were also retained, but the bag was replaced with a large chip.

Currently, the Tostitos logo is a modern emblem that consists of two types of elements: Cyrillic and Latin. The dark circles on the emblem’s center represent corn kernels, which are of an essential food value. The name “Tostitos” was derived from the Spanish word “tostar,” which means to toast. As such, it is used in Mexico and parts of Latin America to refer to corn tortillas.

The “I” with a red oval and yellow triangle got its contours refined and became a bit shorter and smoother. The stylized letters “T” have their bars a bit diagonal, so that it looks like people are stretching their hands to get the chips.