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Vera Bradley Logo Vector
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About Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley is an American company that manufactures handbags and luggage bags. It was founded in 1982 by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller. Its headquarters is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States. It has 154 stores all around the US.

Its current CEO is Robert Wallstorm. They also manufacture fashion accessories. As of 2020, the company made a revenue of 468 million dollars. By 2019, they had employed more than 2500 employees. The company was named after Barbara’s mother.

Meaning and History of Vera Bradley Logo

Other than bags, the company also manufactures patterned gifts, office supplies and home accessories. In September 2022, Robert was replaced by Jacqueline Ardrey as the CEO. Before the company made bags, they made a wallpapering company and named it ‘Up Your Wall’. The company changed its logo twice in the following years.

  • 1982
  • 2000

Evolution of Vera Bradley Logo

Both the women also sell clothing from their trunk shows at home. They traveled to Florida for a trunk show competition and saw patterned bags were in style. After the show, they went back home and took $500 each from their husbands and started making their first lot of bags. The company changed its logo in the following ways.


            This year, the logo is just text that says ‘Vera Bradley’ written in a stylish font that seems like a signature.

1982 Vera Bradley Logo Vector

1982 Vera Bradley Logo Vector


            This year, the logo is again a text written in a different font. There is a nested diamond and VB is written in it. The first layer of the diamond is bolded black and the inner layer is simple black.

2000 Vera Bradley Logo Vector

2000 Vera Bradley Logo Vector

Building of Vera Bradley Logo

Vera became a corporation in 1982. Initially, the bags were sold on smaller stores and the first Vera Bradley handbag was seen on Marshall Field’s Store. The bags became a hit and the stores were always short on supply. The Vera Bradley logo was made on the basis of the following two things.


            In both years, the font was completely customized.


            In both years, only black color was used.

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Vera Bradley always had luck in their hands. They sold wallpapers and clothes with profits and now the world knows about their handbags and luggage bags. The logo is just like any other famous brand around the world. The addition of diamond made the logo supreme.


Q: Who designed Vera Bradley’s first logo?

Ans: The first Vera Bradley logo was designed by Barbara’s teenage daughter.

Q: What is the slogan of Vera Bradley?

Ans: Vera Bradley’s slogan is ‘Be Colorful’.