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Yoshimura Logo Vector
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The industry of automotive spare parts is huge and most of the automotive companies take help from the spare part manufacturing companies to put up their final vehicle. Today, you will know all details and information about Yoshimura logo’s timeline, history, evolution, making and much more. You can also download Yoshimura logo in different variants and formats including PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

About Yoshimura

Yoshimura was mainly founded in 1954 in Japan by Hideo Pops Yoshimura. Hideo was a trained airplane mechanic and worked very much during wars. It was known for modifying spare parts into actual super powered and super charged parts.

Hideo basically had expertise in airplanes but soon got it hands on vehicles. Within no time, Hideo was able to make his own company and started earning in a short span of time. Hideo named the company after his surname.

Meaning and History of Yoshimura Logo

Yoshimura’s services were mostly opted by people who were into racing or tuning their vehicles to the optimum level. The company soon became known in the international waters of Florida and slowly captivating other regions of the United States. Yoshimura never changed its logo.

Evolution of Yoshimura Logo

Yoshimura opened its first outlet in the US in 1971 and soon it also started a Yoshimura Research and Development of America Inc. in 1976. it also provided super chargers for Kawasaki motorcycles. Yoshimura has a red rectangle and there is white text in Japanese in it. Below it, Yoshimura is written in black and white lines and all letters are capitalized.

Designing of Yoshimura Logo

The company also worked with some of the biggest automotive companies like Suzuki and other goliaths. Soon the company was also engineering motor engines for vehicles including motorcycles and cars. Yoshimura logo is based on the following two things.


            Yoshimura logo uses red, white and black colors.


            The font is completely customized.

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The font style used in the Yoshimura logo is usually seen in companies that deal in tyres. The rectangle represents a tuner of an engine. The whole logo is a good representation of a company dealing with spare parts of automotive industry. Visitors can download Yoshimura logo in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector formats for free.

Q: How to change the Japanese text in the Yoshimura logo?

Ans: You can change the Japanese text in the Yoshimura logo by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: How to download free variant of Yoshimura logo in SVG?

Ans: You can download Yoshimura logo SVG variant for free via VectorSeek.