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Today, companies are more focused on creating a powerful brand experience for their customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors. For example, Amazon, YouTube, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. All these are well-known brands with iconic logos and slogans. If you want to create a personal experience for your customers, you need to work on creating your logo, too. And to help you create a unique logo, we have collected thousands of the most famous company logos in vector form for free download. All logos are editable in Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Why are logos important for business?

A logo is the most important element of any brand. So, it is the face of the company. It is the first thing that the customer sees. Plus, it represents the company and its reputation to the World. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a logo. It should be easy to recognize and easy to remember, but most of all, it must convey the company’s message.

Characteristics of Famous Brand Logos

Logo design has many elements and tends to change by brand and industry. However, famous logos have five things in common. It means that no matter what the difference, it will be a unique logo mark.

Simple: The logo must be simple and communicate at least one key message of the brand or business.

Relevancy: The logo of the brand should be relevant to the mission/vision of the business.

Memorable: The logo of the brand should be easy to remember for their customers.

Timeless: they stand the test of time and trends and never lose their meaning.

Versatility: The logo of the brand should be easy to handle small banners, large billboards, and black-and-white backgrounds.

Vector Logos of Famous Brands

Vectorseek provides famous logo designs of top organizations. Logo designs are crucial for a brand or product because they allow the customer or public to remember a brand or product quickly. So, VectorSeek is a stock photo website that will enable you to download high-quality, high-resolution logos of brands in vector form for free.  Moreover, vectorseek has thousands of brand Logos in vector form.

Why do we provide logos of famous brands?

VectorSeek provides logos of brands and logo templates. We collect logos of brands from all over the World: USA, UK, Germany, Asia, Canada, and more. Furthermore, the collection includes over 1100 logos of famous brands. VectorSeek provides logos for customers for print and web graphics. We have a vast array of vector logos and logo templates, which can be easily customized. VectorSeek is the best logo provider of famous brands in the World.  Moreover, VectorSeek allows you to find a brand logo with a simple search. VectorSeek provides logos of the most famous brand logos: Nike, McDonald’s, Apple, Starbucks, Samsung, and many more of the World’s famous Brands.

How to download the logo from our website?

You may download a single zip file of any logo or artwork. Moreover, you may download chosen logos or artwork of any brand in different formats such as JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, and EPS Formats in a single zip for free of cost.

Some famous Brand Logos of the World with Story


Steve Jobs named his company Apple because he felt the word powerful, and when he came up with the word, he was in the middle of an all-fruit diet. Rob Janoff made the logo, but he reiterated to his supporters that the logo had nothing to do with Turing.

According to Janov, the bite in the apples that people would not be confused with cherries. Everyone, don’t overthink about the logo. No matter how simple the story, you can do the best.


When the first McDonald’s franchise opened in 1952, the arch was part of the store’s exterior design, but the most striking element of the logo is the golden arch that imitates the “M.”

Nine years later, he incorporated the same arch into his logo design. Since then, the logo design has been changed many times over 60 years, but the arch design has not changed.

The yellow and red brand colors were the intentional direction of the company. Red represents energy and stimulus, and yellow represents happiness. Also, the yellow arch makes it easy to find the McDonald’s crest in rush areas.


Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, wanted a logo that made him feel moving and determined. He asked one of his students, Caroline Davidson, to design the company logo. Davidson created some design samples, but eventually, Knight chose a logo that represented the wings of the Greek goddess Nike.

Download: Nike Logo

The goddess’ wings are linked to Nike’s famous logo, the Swoosh symbol. Nike is also the goddess of victory in Greek mythology and has the qualities that fit the company’s belief system. In 1971, Knight paid Davidson $ 35 to buy the logo but didn’t know it would affect society or business. Later, Nike presented a diamond ring and company shares to Davidson.

By 1983, Nike had established itself as a successful sportswear brand with a logo respected by the general public. And Still, Nike leads the industry with the same logo.


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has repeatedly designed this famous logo with designer Turner Duckworth. The current, versatile Amazon logo appeared in 2000. The logo consists of a simple and distinctive design element: a brand name wordmark and a smile with orange arrows.

Download: Amazon Logo

This smile has two subtle meanings. First, the line starts with “A” and ends with “Z,” which means that Amazon can deliver anything from point A to point Z. The smile illustration is an image of the customer’s smile when Amazon’s delivery arrives in front of the customer.


The logo of the German carmaker Audi has four rings in a row. Each circle represents one of the four companies that make up the car union. It depicts four companies: Audi, DKW, August Horsch, and Wanderer.

Due to its resemblance to the Olympic Circle, Audi was sued by the International Olympic Committee in 1995 in the International Trademark Court. And the Olympics lost this logo brand war.

Download: Audi Logo

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Logos are an essential part of a brand identity. They help you remember and recognize your product better. So, Vector Seek has compiled the World’s famous brands’ logo vectors and has made them available to the people of the World for free. We hope you enjoyed this little bit of information about brands of the World and if you have any questions or concerns about these brands or VectorSeek, please feel free to contact us anytime.