We have 15 logos in Instagram.


About Instagram

Instagram is a video and photo-sharing online social networking service. It was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in 2010. It was recently purchased by Facebook Inc and is now a part of Meta Platforms.

You can chat on app built-in messenger, tag people, and follow and unfollow people. You can also upload stories on Instagram. It is a similar social media platform to Facebook. As of 2020, almost 500 million people upload stories on this app daily.

It was one of the only social media platforms that gained 10 million users in two months and 1 billion users in 2018. As of now, It has 40 billion photos and counting. People are now opting for Instagram more than Facebook.

History of Instagram Logo

As we know that it was launched in 2010 and up till now, It has changed its logo 5 times, in the course of the following years:

Evolution of Instagram Logo

The Instagram logo is interesting and people kind of got an idea about it. The logo changed a lot from the day of its launch till today. Below you will get an understanding of the logo.


            In the first year, the logo was a polaroid camera in silver color with a rainbow lining in the center of the camera. The camera is in a curved square with dark grey color.

Instagram Logo 2010


            This year, the curved grey square has vanished and the polaroid camera has also been minimized by removing the flash. It just had two lenses, a rainbow lining on the top left corner and right beneath was written ‘Inst’. This is a Bell & Howell camera from the 1950s and was now designed by Cole Rise.

Instagram Logo 2010-2011


            The logo now has a 3D look. The brown part of the camera shows a leather texture and the logo overall gives a crisp look. The lenses have a more noticeable and visible shadow. The rainbow is still there with ‘Insta’.

Instagram Logo 2011-2016


            When it comes to minimizing logos, it may have the best graphic and creative designers onboard. This year, the logo is similar to what we see today. The logo has a curved exterior with four colors gradient:

  • Bluish purple
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Yellow

Instagram Logo 2020

The logo also has a white curved square within this square and in it is a white circle with a white dot on the top right side of the circle.


            The shapes in and of the logo are the same other than the color. The colors are now bright with less blue and orange and one can see small patches of red.

Instagram Logo 2022

Design of Instagram Logo

The App font changed 4 times:

  • 2010: In this year, the logo was written in a fancy handwriting typeface and was in black color.
  • 2013: In this year, the logo was written in typeface and it was blue in color.
  • 2015: The font remained the same this year but the color of the font got deeper and rich.
  • 2016: The font again remained the same this year and the color was changed to black.

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Variants of Instagram Logo

At VectorSeek, you will be able to download 6 different variants of the logo, the commonly downloaded logos are:



The logo is an example setter of logo minimization. The camera is minimized in the best way and, in a way that still keeps the originality. The company made sure to keep the traditions alive while updating according to trends.

What is the font style of Instagram logo?

Instagram logo is written in Billabong Regular font. It is similar to Avangard Regular and Bluestar Regular.

Who designed Instagram first ever logo?

The first ever logo of Instagram was designed by the co-owner of Instagram; Kevin Systrom.