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What is a World Map?

As obvious from the name, it is a map that shows the surface of the earth and projects all the countries which also includes the names of seas and oceans. A map of the world shows the territorial boundaries of the countries, continents, human settlements, seas, and oceans.

You can find a lot of variations of world maps around the world. According to some pro-war politically active groups, the map of the world is not correct. They suggest that the new world map is totally different as compared to what it originally was,

Though the water levels and the huge divisions of continents made the world map designers change. The World map shows how countries are allocated on different continents and how continents are allocated.

History of World Map

The oldest 10 maps gave an idea about the latest maps we see today:

  • 1564 The world, Abraham Ortelius’s Typus Orbis Terrarum
  • 610 – 546 BC Hypothetical reconstruction of the world map of Anaximander
  • 150 – 130 BC drawn in 1628 World map according to Posidonius
  • 1895 Ideal reconstruction of T and O maps from Meyers Konversationslexikon
  • 1154 Tabula Rogeriana world map by Muhammad Al Idrisi
  • 1514 World map in Octant projection from Leonardo da Vinci’s Windsor papers
  • 1569 World map by Gerardus Mercator
  • 1602 World map by Kunyu Wanguo Quantu
  • 1652 World map by Claes Janszoon Visscher
  • 1689 Historical world map by Gerard Van Schagen

Importance of World Map

The following are the importance and benefits of having a world map:

  • It becomes easy and simple to understand the continents, countries, seas, populated and unpopulated places, and oceans.
  • If you know how to read maps and you want to travel around the world then you will benefit from its functionality.
  • Helps students understand geography.
  • The Internet cannot help you navigate through different places and that is why maps can actually help you find ways.
  • You can see a blueprint of the history.
  • Helps you to make geographic analysis.

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How Many Types of World Maps are There?

There are more than 200 world maps in the world because each projection shows maps in different ways.

How Many World Countries Map are Available?

At VectorSeek, you can download 194 world countries map in different formats in high quality.

How to Use World Countries Map Vector Files?

You can use world countries map vector files on web browser and any editing app or software.