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About YouTube

YouTube is an American social media platform that allows you to share video content online. YouTube was launched on 14th February 2004 and its headquarters is in San Bruno.

It is developed and founded by Steve Chen, Jawed Khan, and Chad Hurley. It is the second-most popular and visited website after Google and it is owned by Google as well.

At least 600 hours of content is uploaded every minute, more than 4 million people use YouTube and almost 2 billion watch hours are completed every day.

Meaning and History of YouTube Logo

YouTube’s logo was different in the past. The word ‘You’ was in black color and ‘Tube’ was in white color a red curved square. You will be surprised to know that YouTube’s logo is one of many logos that got many awards for best design – the kind of design that says completely about the company. The company changed or you can say revised their logo in the following years:

Evolution of YouTube Logo

The above-mentioned years changed the logo of YouTube that we have today and that is why it is important to know how it was and what changes were made.


The first logo of YouTube has the ‘You’ in black color and the ‘Tube’ in white color in a red curved square. You must be thinking that we have mentioned this before, but what we did not mention is that if you look closely at the logo of this era:

  • there is a white gradient on the top right side of the logo
  • in the middle of the logo, the red color is lightened
  • at the bottom of the logo, you will see a dark red color

You can say that the colors of the logo are divided into three different gradients.

Youtube 2005 2011 logo


            In 2012, YouTube minimized its logo with excel. The ‘You’ is still black and the ‘Tube’ is still white but the curved square became in two gradients of dark red. The upper part of the logo was dark red and the bottom part of the logo was in maroon color. These gradients were matte. The logo gave a very trendy look and a sign of making progress and having power.

Youtube 2011 2013 logo


            In 2013, the logo colors of the logo again became light. You and Tube were still in black and white colors whereas the curved square again had three gradients of red:

  • the top part of the logo was red
  • the middle part of the logo was light red
  • the bottom part of the logo was dark red or you can also identify it as light maroon

Youtube 2013 2015 Logo


            In 2015, again You and Tube were untouched whereas the curved square was now red in color. This was somewhat minimizing the logo.

Youtube 2015 2017 logo

2017 – Now

            As of today, you can see a white play button in the center of the red curved square (the red is not bright red) and ‘YouTube’ outside the righter side of it in black color. Though the Y of the You and the T of the Tube are capital. YouTube has a white background.

Youtube present 2017 present

Building of YouTube Icon

All logos of all brands around the world change sometime in the continual and so did YouTube’s. You now know how it transformed into today’s logo and now you will learn about its making.


            Initially, YouTube used three colors

1) red

2) black

3) white.

It is a kind of combination that is visually comfortable and appealing. These colors represent:

  • perseverance
  • elegance
  • purity
  • passion
  • optimistic

These things helped YouTube become one of the most amazing and most used search engines.


            YouTube used the font that was very much used in the 1950s TV shows and they used the Helvetica font. It has a bold font that makes it easy to use and see even from a distance. With the low brightness of any device, you can recognize the logo.

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YouTube Logo Variation

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Even though there are a few changes in the YouTube logo from 2005 till today but still this logo is one of its kind. The final YouTube logo says all about YouTube like what it does and what it is for. It also suggests its purpose and allows you to focus. There is something about the logo that makes it clickable by millions of users from around the world.

Q: Is it legal to use the YouTube logo in advertising?

Yes, it is. It is suggested that you use different variants of the YouTube logo in advertising especially if it is a book, film, or any other printed media.

Who is the designer of the YouTube logo?

The designer of the YouTube logo is Chad Hurley who is also one of the three founders of YouTube. He is one of the most famous graphic designers and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Is it legal to use the YouTube logo on a business card?

Yes, you can. It is a great idea to promote your YouTube channel. It is suggested that you make small changes to the logo but not too much.