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Airtel Logo Vector
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Telecommunication industry connects the world and makes it a smaller place. All networking and telecommunication companies have an engrossing logo and today, you will learn about Airtel logo meaning, history, building and timeline. You can also download its different variants for free including PNG, AI, SVG and Vector.

About Airtel

Airtel is also known as Bharti Airtel Limited and it is an Indian and multinational telecommunications services providing company. It was founded in 1995 by Sunil Mittal. Its headquarters is in New Delhi, India. The current chairman of Airtel is the founder himself.

The MD and CEO of Airtel is Gopal Vittal. The company made an income of 15 billion US dollars in 2022 and it employs more than 50,000 people all around India. The company became more progressive when Google bought 1.28% of its shares.

Meaning and History of Airtel Logo

The 32.15% of its shares are acquired by Singtel and the rest of the shares are owned by Bharti Enterprises. The company provides its services in almost 18 countries including Africa, Channel Islands and South Asia. The company provides 4G and 4G+ all across India while the 5G services are limited to specific cities. Airtel changed its logo 3 times in the following years.

  • 1995
  • 2010
  • 2014

Evolution of Airtel Logo

Airtel is considered to be the second-most valuable brand of the country. The founder first started the assembly line of push button phones in India. These phones were mainly imported from Singtel which is a Singaporean company. Airtel changed its logo in the following ways.


In this year, the logo had a square of two colors divided in three sections. From left to right, the first section is in red color, the second section is in white color followed by red color. The white part has Air written in it and the letter I has a red dot. The third red part has tel written in it in white color.

1995 Logo



            In this year, the logo was completely transformed. There is a customized red shape and on its right, airtel is written in red color.


2010 Logo


            In this year, the red customized shape is now on top of airtel.


2014 Logo

Building of Airtel Logo

Bharti Telecom Limited started working with Seimens AG to manufacture push button phones. In the 1990s, the company was manufacturing telecom gear, cordless phones and fax machines. The first push button phone was named as Mitbrau. Airtel logo is based on the following two things.


In first year, white, red and black colors are used in the logo. In the last two years, only red colors are used in the logo.


In the first year, simple Calibri Body font was used in the logo. In the last two years, the logo was written in customized Uni Sans Heavy font.

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The customized shape of Airtel logo is still a mystery for many. Designers from around the world have their own theory but maximum number of experts says that the curvy shape represents no boundaries. The last two Airtel logos are better than the first one. You can download different variants of Airtel logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG for free.

Who designed Airtel logo?

Airtel logo was designed by Gullu Sen.

Is it easy to change colors of Airtel logo?

You can change colors of Airtel logo by downloading its PNG variant.

How to download HD variant of Airtel logo?

You can download HD variant of Airtel logo in SVG format.