Allied Bank logo vector

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Allied Bank logo vector
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Banking system has been developing the basis of countries for centuries. Every bank has a peculiar logo and here, you can download Allied Bank logo in different formats and variants including PNG, AI, Vector and SVG.

About Allied Bank

Allied Bank is a subsidiary of Ibrahim Group and is one of the fifth largest banks of Pakistan. It was previously known as the Australasia Bank and it was founded in 1942. Its founder is Khawaja Bashir Baksh and its headquarters is in Lahore.

The company generated revenue of 120 million US dollars in 2021 and it employs more than 11000 people in Pakistan. It has more than 1400 ATMs and 2500 branches across Pakistan. It was renamed to Allied Bank in 1974.

Meaning and History of Allied Bank Logo

This bank is a merger of Pak Bank ltd, Lahore Commercial Bank ltd, and Sarhad Bank ltd. Allied Bank is one of the only banks of Pakistan which was a Muslim bank before Pakistan was established and came into Pakistan’s existence as well. Allied Bank never changed its logo. The logo was developed in 1974 and before it, the logo was written in black color and just had the name of the bank.

Evolution of Allied Bank Logo

This bank is best known for personal and business banking. As compared to other banks of Pakistan, this bank has more options for personal banking and provides maximum flexibility for business banking as well. Allied Bank logo has a half orange square which is completed by a blue letter A. On its right, Allied Bank is written in blue color.

Allied Bank Logo

Allied Bank Logo

Building of Allied Bank Logo

The bank also started its Aitbar Islamic Banking which is purely based on Sharia Laws. This part of the bank provides loaning schemes for home, personal use, and automobile. They take very less interest. Allied Bank logo is based on the following two things.


            The logo uses orange, white and blue colors.


            Allied Bank is written in simple Calibri Body font.

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Variants of Allied Bank Logo

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The A completing the square is very exclusive and we rarely see any bank having creativity in the logo. We think the font should have been different but it seems alright. Designers can try out different fonts by downloading editable variants of Allied Bank in PNG, SVG, AI and Vector.

Where can I find original Allied Bank logo in PNG variant?

You can download the original Allied Bank logo PNG variant from VectorSeek.

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You can download SVG format for editing with all legal rights from VectorSeek.