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About Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is popularly known for its phones called the iPhones. People wait like crazy in lines before sunrise at Apple Stores when they know a new iPhone has arrived. Even though now the latest iPhones can cost a fortune, people just cannot wait to get their hands on the latest ones.

There has always been tough competition between Android users and iOS users. This is because Android smartphones have a lot of features that iOS does not have. But iOS provides top-notch security and smartphones are considered unhackable.


Meaning and History of Apple Inc. Logo

Every time when a new iPhone arrives on the market, the internet is heavily gunned with funny memes. One time iPhone introduced a phone where they would need to buy an adaptor to charge their phones; the very basic thing that all Android phones have. iPhones are basically famous for their camera and video recording quality. Apple Inc. changed its logo three times in the following years.


Evolution of Apple Inc. Logo

We have seen people making short films and getting a lot of popularity by just recording via iPhones. Apple Inc. mainly makes its fortune from iPhones. iPhones are considered a symbol of luxury. There are more products by Apple Inc. like Apple Watches, Apple AirPods, Apple home security systems, and much more. Apple Inc. changed its logos in the following ways.


            In this year, the logo is a 2d design of a customized badge and there is a ribbon overlapping the top and bottom. The logo is in light and dark grey colors. The top overlapping ribbon has APPLE written on it. The two bottom overlapping ribbons have COMPUTER and CO. written on them. The center of the badge has a design of Newton sitting under a tree and reading a book.

1976 Apple Logo

1976 Apple Logo


            This year, the logo was completely modified. There is the famous Apple symbol and it is in rainbow colors.

1977 Apple Logo

1977 Apple Logo


            In this year, the Apple symbol is now fully black.

1988 Apple Logo

1988 Apple Logo

Designing of Apple Inc. Logo

The company made a huge income of 94 billion dollars in 2022 and they employ 164,000 employees. Its subsidiaries are Dark Sky, InVisage Technologies,, Claris, Braeburn Capital, Beddit, Beats Electronics and Apple Studios. Apple products are now getting very much famous among the new generation. Apple Inc. logo is based on the following two things.


            In the first year, simple Times New Roman font was used. In the next two years, there was no text in the logo.


            In the first year, only light and dark grey colors were used. In the second year, green, yellow, orange, pink purple, and blue colors were used. In the last year, only black color was used in the logo.

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Variants of Apple Inc. Logo

VectorSeek strives to provide the latest and old variants of the Apple Inc. logo in high quality. People look for different variants of the Apple Inc. logo for different purposes and here, you can download them with all legal rights. Below are the most downloaded variants of the

Apple Inc. logo:


No one knows what was the concept behind the first logo of Apple Inc. but it is very much interesting. The second logo is very colorful and it represents the first smartphone with millions of colors. The last logo clearly means that the company has gone large and has become a brand. You can also say that the last logo was kind of minimalized.


 Q: Who designed Apple Inc. logo?

Ans: Apple Inc. logo was designed by Rob Janoff.

Q: What is the slogan of Apple Inc.?

Ans: The slogan of Apple Inc. is ‘Think Different’.