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About BKAsh

bKash is a mobile-based financial service operating in Bangladesh. It is under the authority of Bangladesh Bank and is a subsidiary of BRAC Bank Limited. Its headquarters is in Dhaka and it was launched in 2010. Its CEO is Kamal Quadir and its chairman is Mr. Shameran Abed. As of 2020, the service made revenue of $280 million.

The app is used to add money into their accounts and can send domestically and make different kinds of payments. This mobile money and payment system started as a joint venture between USA, Bangladesh and Money in Motion LLC, and BRAC Bank Limited.


Meaning and History of BKash Logo

Any user using bKash can receive payments and money from any country. bKash became the first such app to get evaluated at $1 billion in Bangladesh. In 2017, bKash became so popular that it was seen in the Fortune Magazine and ranked among the top 50 companies in the rundown of Change the World. bKash never changed its logo.


Evolution of the bKash Logo

bKash is pretty much famous is Bangladesh as 22% of the population uses this app. In 2018, bKash won the award of Best Digital Bank by Asiamoney. It was mainly launched by Iqbal and Kamal Quadir and the initial services that bKash provided was cash in, cash out and send money. More services like bill payment, mobile top-up, and buying of traveling tickets were introduced in the next two years. bKash logo has the name of the company where the letter ‘b’ is written in pink color and Kash is written in black color. On its right, there is a pink paper bird facing right.


Building of bKash Logo

bKash is famous in Bangladesh because it is very simple and easy to use and it even got the award of innovation in 2018. Over the years, big names like International Financial Corporation, Alipay, Bill, and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the app. bKash logo is made up of the following two things.


            The font used in this logo is similar to Zapf Humanist 601 Std Roman and Optima Pro Roman fonts.


            The colors used in the logo are white, pink and black.

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The logo is simple but the bright colors make it catchy. The paper bird is a good addition and we think it represents the transfer of money from one place to another. The fonts are completely designed but we tried to get a comparable one.


 Q: How to download bKash logo SVG format?

Ans: You can download the bKash logo in SVG format at VectorSeek for free.

Q: How can I change the colors of the bKash logo?

Ans: You can change the colors of the bKash logo by downloading the bKash logo vector file.