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CSGO Logo: Company Overview

CSGO stands for Counter Strike Global Offensive. It is an online and offline multiplayer game developed in 2012. It is a tactical first-person shooter game developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. It is the fourth game of the Counter-Strike series. This played can be played on Xbox 360, Windows, PlayStation 3, Linux, and OSX. The game could be played on Linux in 2014.

The game has two teams, Counter-terrorists and terrorists. They go against each other in different object-based game modes. The most common game modes are where the counter-terrorists have to rescue a hostage. The second mode is about the counter-terrorist team has to stop the terrorists from planting a bomb.

Colors of the CSGO Logo

CSGO changed its logo 2 times and used the following colors

Year Colors
2012 White, black
2014 Black, white

CSGO Logo Details

The logos of CSGO are very simple yet eye-catching. Even though the game is a bit hit and has been played around the world for years still the company does not want to change the logo. It has been a decade since the company changed its logo.

History of CSGO: Evolution of the Logo

CSGO changed its logo in the following ways.



This logo has a white/transparent background. The logo has the name of the game. Between the words counter and strike, there is a black figure of a man holding a rifle and facing right. Below the word strike, global offensive is written in black color. The words Counter-Strike are written in customized Helion font. All the letters are capitalized and in black color. The words Global Offensive are written in customized Eurostile Next Semi-Bold font. All of these letters are also capitalized and in black color.



This logo only consists of 4 letters CSGO. Between the letters CS and GO, the black figure is designed in the same way. The letters CSGO are written in customized Expanse Regular font. The letters are capitalized and in black color.

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Both the logos of the game are unparalleled compared to many game logos that we have seen over the years. The logo is sleek and stands out. It must have taken a lot of time for the designer to select the font because the font says a lot about the game. The black man’s figure shows the seriousness of the game. We expect the next logo of CSGO will be even better than this.

Who created the CSGO logo?

The CSGO logo was created by Valve Corporation.

What is the slogan of CSGO?

There is no slogan for CSGO but the game usually starts with a few lines: “Let’s go fellas” “Let’s move out” “Remove any doubts in your head; it’s us or them” ‘’Let’s make this right as rain” Whoever is fond of CSGO will have ears alerted whenever these lines are said.

From where can I find CSGO in SVG format?

You can download CSGO in SVG from VectorSeek for free.