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Dollar General Logo Vector
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About Dollar General

Dollar General is an American chain of variety stores. Its headquarters is in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. According to stats of 2022, the company operates more than 18k stores in the continental United States. Before Dollar General Store, it was named as J.L. Turner and Sons. It was founded in October 1939. It was founded by James Luther Turner and Cal Turner.

Todd Vasos is its current CEO. As of 2022, the company generated more than 34 billion dollars of revenue. It has 158000 employees all over United States. Before its headquarters in Tennessee, the first store was opened in Scottsville, Kentucky. Before J.L. Turner did this business, he used to travel to sell dry goods.

Meaning and History of Dollar General Logo

You will be surprised to know that Dollar General Store has made their way up to 112th position in the 500 fortune companies. Now, you can find different dollar stores around the world but this one is somehow preferred by locals a lot. Dollar General changed their logo 8 times in the following years.

  • 1955
  • 1966
  • 1967
  • 1972
  • 1984
  • 1995
  • 2009
  • 2010

Evolution of Dollar General Logo

There are a lot of competitors of Dollar General but it is still standing with successes for so many years. There are so many who prefer hi-fi brands but we have also seen a lot of rich people still wanting to shop from dollar stores. The logo changed in the following ways.


            In this year, DOLLAR is written in coins and there is a 1-dollar bill attached to the first and last edges of coins and in the note, GENERAL STORES is written. The logo gives a very vintage look.

1955 Dollar General Store

1955 Dollar General Store


            In this year, the vintage look is the same. Dollar General Stores is written in a rectangle with a bold black outline. Above the D and last S of the store there are small plus (+) marks.

1966 Dollar General Store

1966 Dollar General Store


            In this year, DOLLAR GENERAL STORES is written in white color in an enclosed black rectangle.

1967 Dollar General Store

1967 Dollar General Store


            In this year, the enclosed rectangle has now slightly distant from the text ‘DOLLAR GENERAL STORES’.

1972 Dollar General Store

1972 Dollar General Store


            In this year, the rectangle is gone and DOLLAR is written on top of GENERAL STORES.

1984 Dollar General Store

1984 Dollar General Store


            In this year, the logo is again in a yellow rectangle with a thin black outline. DOLLAR is on the left side of the rectangle and GENERAL is on its right and STORES is written below it.

1984 Dollar General Store

1984 Dollar General Store


            In this year, STORES word has gone leaving the DOLLAR GENERAL in the same rectangle.

1995 Dollar General Store

1995 Dollar General Store


            In this year, rectangle has a dip in the center and DOLLAR GENERAL is still the same. The black outline has gone.

2009 Dollar General Store

2009 Dollar General Store

Building of Dollar General Logo

The store has every item in it; from A to Z. You can find items of outdoor living to party stuff, from auto hardware to apparel and kids’ toys and from electronics to household items and food and beverages – anything you can think of. We divided the logo into two parts.


            In the first year, the font used was bold sans-serif logotype. In the second year, the font used was simple solid uppercase inscription sans-serif. In the third and fourth year, the logo was written in light bold Calibri Body font. In the rest of the years, Dollar was written in modern custom typeface font and the General Stores was written in geometric sans-serif typeface logo.


            In first and second year, black and grey colors were used. In the next two years, black and white colors were used. In the next year, only black color was used. In the rest of the years, black and yellow color was used.

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We personally liked the first two logos of Dollar General Stores because they gave a vintage look. After these two logos, the company opted for minimalization and the current logo gives a vibe of a huge brand.


Q: what is the slogan of Dollar General?

Ans: The slogan of Dollar General is ‘Save Time. Save Money. Every Day’.

Q: What was the last update made on Dollar General logo?

Ans: The latest logo of Dollar General was updated on 2010.