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Philips Avent Logo Vector
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About Philips Avent

Philips Avent is a child care company that manufactures breast pumps, baby bottles, baby health accessories and other baby feeding products. Its headquarters is based in Glemsford, Suffolk, England. It came into being in 1984.

The brand is a sub-brand of Avent Naturally and it was launched by Cannon Rubber in 1936. The first product of Avent was teats which were made up of silicone, odorless and completely tasteless. In 2006, Philips bought the company and named it Philips Avent.

Meaning and History of Philips Avent

When it comes to a baby’s health, everything has to be squeaky clean and has to be super hygienic. Babies have not developed their immunity system and this means that they can be exposed to any disease very easily. Philips Avent has received many awards for their baby-friendly product designs. Philips Avent never changed their logo.

Evolution of Philips Avent

Researchers, health experts and scientist around the world are coming up with solutions, products and medicines that keep the baby safe and promotes healthy development and growth. Philips Avent bottles are said to have the best design that allows babies to learn to hold a bottle in the early days.

The logo of Philips Avent is completely customized. You can see PHILIPS written on top of Avent. The dash of the A is filled with yellow color, the V is filled with green color, there are two parts of blue in E, the left part of N is pink and the neck of T has orange.

Building of Philips Avent

There are so many logos that don’t transform or modify their logo ever. Philips was already a very popular brand and when it acquired Avent Naturally, they instantly knew that they won’t be needing to change the logo as people already trust Philips. Philips Avent is broken down into two parts.


            Philips is written in uppercase in bold Calibri Body font and Avent is completely customized.


            Philips is written in light blue color and Avent has a blue, yellow, teal, green, pink and orange color.

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Since Philips was already a known brand and that is why they did not bother to spend money and time to come up with a new logo of Philips Avent. When the company was Avent Naturally, the logo was just the name of the company written in italic.


Q: What is the meaning of Avent?

Ans: Avent means evening, holiday or the day before the avent.

Q: What is the slogan of Philips Avent?

Ans: The slogan of Philips Avent is ‘The most natural way to bottle feed’.