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Star Wars Logo Vector

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Star Wars Logo: Overview

Star Wars is an epic fantasy space film franchise which was created in 1977 by George Lucas. This was one of the first franchises that immediately became famous in the pop culture. The franchise became so popular that other than films, it expanded into different media like comic books, fictional universe, themed parks, novels, video games, and TV series.

Star Wars include 9 films and 2 of them even got the Academy Award. The story of the films revolves around a fictional world in long years in far galaxy where robots, aliens, and humans co-exist and they have a personal vendetta against each other. The films also include space travel between different planets.

Colors of Star Wars Logo

Dodge changed its logo 3 times over the years and used the following colors.

Year Colors
1976 White, Black
1977 White, Black
1977 Black, White

Star Wars Logo Details

Star Wars series have been the biggest and most successful blockbusters of all time and still there are only 3 logos. The logos are not very much worked up and are very simple and the logos don’t say much about the film’s theme or story.

Meaning and History of Star Wars Logo

As kids, we used to wait for Star Wars films day and night. Everyone marked the calendars. Each episode of Star Wars film can be watched over and over again. The video games of Star Wars have also appeared in the competition of DOTA2. The Star Wars logo changed three times in the following years.

Evolution of Star Wars Logo

The Star Wars logo gives a revolutionary and avant-garde look. Every time the Star Wars logo appeared on the TV; it literally gave goosebumps. The logo was modified three times in the following ways.


This is the first Star Wars logo and it was designed by Suzy Rice. The logo is the name of the film designed in black on a transparent background with all uppercase letters. The logo uses a customized Precis URW Bold font type.

1976 Star wars

1976 Star wars


This is the second Star Wars logo. The logo is designed using ascending alignment commencing from top to bottom. Meaning that the word ‘Star’ is smaller than the word ‘Wars’. The logo used the same color scheme as used in the 1976 Star Wars logo. The font used in the logo is customized Times New Roman Bold. In this year, the film franchise launched another logo – the details are below.

1977 Star wars

1977 Star wars

This is the current Star Wars logo. The logo is designed in black with white color fill on a transparent background. The top parts of the letters S and T of the word ‘Star’ are joined and the letters R and S of the word ‘Wars’ are joined as well. The font used in this logo is similar to Calibri Body Extra Bold.


Star Wars logos are very simple. The film has uncountable important characters and events by which the logo could have been presented in a better way. The logos used a very elementary color combination while the movie is about galaxies, wars, and pretty much everything. There is no update on any new Star Wars movie and this is also why there will be no changes in the logo.

Variants of Star Wars Logo Vector

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What is the slogan of Star Wars?

The slogan of Star Wars is “May the Force be with You”.

Why Star Wars is called Star Wars?

The film series was named Star Wars because wars take place among/between the stars.

Who designed the Star Wars series?

The Star Wars was designed by Ralph Angus McQuarrie.