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Star Wars Logo Vector
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About Star Wars

Star Wars is an American space movie series that was created by George Lucas it began in 1977 and right after its release, the movie became a huge hit around the world. Now, you can see Star Wars video games, TV series, comic books, novels, and theme parks. As of 2020, the value of this movie series was 20 billion dollars and it is the 5th highest-grossing media franchise.

It has a total of 9 films and the 9th film was launched in 2019. This last film was nominated for Academy Awards. The next Star Wars film is coming in 2023. You can also find cartoons and animation series of Star Wars. People have made millions by selling Star Wars merchandise in the shape of toys, t-shirts, bedsheets, and such.

Meaning and History of Star Wars Logo

As kids, we used to wait for Star Wars films day and night. Everyone marked the calendars. Each episode of Star Wars film can be watched over and over again. The video games of Star Wars have also appeared in the competition of DOTA2. The Star Wars logo changed three times in the following years.

  • 1976
  • 1977

Evolution of Star Wars Logo

The Star Wars logo gives a revolutionary and avant-garde look. Every time the Star Wars logo appeared on the TV; it literally gave goosebumps. The logo was modified three times in the following ways.


            This year, Star Wars are capitalized. The As are leaned on the right and the Rs seem like they are pushed back from the front. The W is very stylish.

1976 Star wars

1976 Star wars


            This year, the logo changed twice. The first change in the logo displayed bolded capitalized letters whereas the Star is on top of Wars. The second change in the logo showed the same position of words but the tail of S and R of the star are extended and the R and S of wars are connected with an extended top tail of S. There is a subscripted TM written on the right bottom.

1977 Star wars

1977 Star wars

Building of Star Wars Logo

The Star Wars logo did not use any colors. The fonts and position only changed massively. We have broken down the Star Wars logo into two categories.


            In the first year, customized sans-serif typeface font was used. In the second year, the letters are extra bolded with the same font style.


            In the first year and second year of modification, only black color was used and, in the last modifications, black and white colors were used.

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Gen Z doesn’t like Star Wars but the fact is that when its first movie was launched, it was the first film to show science fiction space adventures including aliens, and showed how other galaxies and universes are. The new movie of Star Wars has created a lot of hype since the day its release was announced. The logo of Star Wars is very simple and we wish to see a bettered logo in the future.


 Q: Who designed the first logo of Star Wars?

Ans: The first logo of Star Wars was designed by Ralph McQuarrie with the assistance of Dan Perri.

Q: Who designed the second logo of Star Wars?

Ans: The second logo of Star Wars was designed by Suzy Rice with the assistance of George Lucas.

Q: What is the slogan of Star Wars?

Ans: Slogan of Star Wars is ‘May the Force be with you’.