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Even in the digital era, magazines are still a thing. People still shoot for appearing in the magazines and companies still approach magazine for promotions. Here, you will learn everything about Town & Country logo details including history, meaning, evolution and building. You can also download Town & Country logo in AI, SVG, PNG and Vector.

About Town & Country

Town & Country was previously known as The National Press and Home Journal. It is a monthly lifestyle magazine based in America and it is one of the oldest magazines of the United States.

The magazine was started by a newspaper editor of New York Evening Mirror named George Pope Morris and by an essayist and poet named Nathanial Parker Willis. This magazine was started in 1846.

Meaning and History of Town & Country Logo

After 8 months of the magazine’s launch, the name was changed to The Home Journal. By 1901, the magazine was again renamed to Town & Country. In the beginning, the magazine’s full focus was on publishing fiction, essays, and poetry. Town & Country never changed its logo.

Evolution of Town & Country Logo

As the magazine gained a lot of popularity among the readers, the magazine soon started publishing gossip and society news. Soon the magazine was conducting events for the elite and rich families of America. The logo is the name of the magazine in red color and all letters are capitalized.

Designing of Town & Country Logo

The events conducted by the Town & Country magazine were usually cotillion balls and debutante. The magazine then used to write and post pictures of participants and about them. Town & Country logo is based on the following two things.


            The logo used only red color.


            The logo uses simple bold Calibri Body font.

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Even though the magazine has been operational for more than a century now and it could use a change. Though there is no news that if ever Town & Country will change its logo. They might give it a thought if some ideas are put up; you can download Town & Country logo in PNG, AI, SVG and Vector variants.

Q: How to edit Town & Country logo?

Ans: You can edit Town & Country logo by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: How to add background image in Town & Country logo?

Ans: You can add background image in Town & Country logo by downloading its SVG variant.