WhatsApp Logo Vector

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WhatsApp Logo Vector

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Messaging apps are widely becoming famous as compared to the traditional way of sending messages over mobile network. This is because messaging apps provide more features to make people’s interaction more realistic. Today, you will learn everything about WhatsApp logo history, meaning, evolution and building. You can also download WhatsApp logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants.

WhatsApp Logo Vector

WhatsApp Logo Vector

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also known as WhatsApp Messenger. It is a freeware, centralized instant messaging, cross-platform and voice-over-IP app. It is an internationally available service. It is owned by Meta. The app allows users to send messages in the form of text and voice. Users can also do video and voice calls.

This app allows users to send gifs, stickers, share documents, images, videos and in some parts of the world, you can also send money from this app. Users can also send their current and live location up to 8 hours to their contact persons.

Meaning and History of WhatsApp Logo

The app requires a SIM, internet and a smartphone. It can also be accessed on the web app but for that you have to be online from the app from your phone. You have to scan a QR code provided by the web app. You can also find WhatsApp Business on Apple and Play Store – this intervention was launched in 2018. WhatsApp never changed its logo.

Evolution of WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp was mainly created by by WhatsApp Inc. which was a tech company based in California. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014 for 19.3 billion US dollars. WhatsApp is known as the fastest growing free messaging app in the world. Many rumors said that WhatsApp Business will have some kind of charges for the users; as of now, there are no such implications. WhatsApp logo has the name of the app in greenish grey color and there is a message icon in green color with white border and in the green space, there is a white icon of a phone’s receiver.

WhatsApp Black Logo Vector

WhatsApp Black Logo Vector

Designing of WhatsApp Logo

According to the confirmed statistical report of 2020, WhatsApp has more than 2 billion active users. WhatsApp was basically founded by Jan Koum and Brain Acton in 2009. The duo was former employees at Yahoo. WhatsApp logo is based on the following two things.


            WhatsApp logo is written in bold Calibri Body font.


            The logo uses greyish green, light green and white colors.

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WhatsApp logo is simple and it has more than a decade that the company isn’t planning to change the logo at all. WhatsApp logo is very simple considering its customer base. But it has become a brand and we are sure that there will be any news about any change in its logo. Visitors can download WhatsApp logo in PNG, AI, Vector and SVG variants and formats for free.

Q: Who designed WhatsApp logo?

Ans: WhatsApp logo was designed by the founders.

Q: Can I change sides of WhatsApp logo?

Ans: You can change sides of WhatsApp logo by downloading its PNG variant.

Q: How to add WhatsApp logo in my assignment?

Ans: You can add WhatsApp logo SVG variant in your assignment.