Versatile Logo Should Include What Design Elements?

Versatile Logo Should Include What Design Elements?

Doubtlessly, A Versatile Logo is a backbone for various marketing strategies for any company or organization.

Here it why…

From Multinational to Startups, whatever the company scale is, the logo is equally essential for any business. A versatile yet straightforward Logo is the most vital marketing tool, and people recall a business by logos on products and advertisements. A survey was conducted on logo recognition of fair trade brands in Belgium by Quality Mark. Results show that roughly more than 90 per cent of the participants were quite familiar with the Logo of Oxfam.

Another Study by the Statista Research Department suggests that Branding plays a pivotal role in buying more than 60% of respondents.

In addition to this, Former American Basketball icon and Businessman, Michael Jordan advocate this concept as,

It’s a habit of mine now, noticing labels, logos, shoes

So, there is no second opinion on logos carrying the business’s inner message and helping companies grow.

However, it is not as simple as it appears. A quality and versatile logo design require many factors to be taken into account. As we have discussed earlier, the logo is a marketing tool for any company. So, the logo should be scalable to any size, from a stamp to more gigantic billboards. The logo should not compromise the quality i-e shape, size and other vital elements for printing purpose on any scale.  Arguably, this is one of the basic features of a Versatile Logo.

Versatility Allows Flexibility

The logo’s versatility is one of the most desired features for any logo design in a nutshell. Logo’s versatility allows you to advertise your brand on relatively smaller objects like stickers, rubber stamps, hats, shirts, business cards etc. In addition to this, an artist who is well adverse with Graphic Design abilities keeps your logo compatible with pixel-based media like web banners, social media platform and websites etc. So, Logo Design that is Versatile as well as Modern, provides you with Simplicity and Clarity. Consequently, you should be able to reproduce the logo in different sizes for Brand Marketing.

In the 21st century, we have tons of Social Media Platform, which provides substantial potential customers. So, Versatile Logo is compatible with all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. Last but not least, why you should have a versatile and unique logo for your business is Brand Identity. So, your logo should appear on letterheads, mobile app icons and business cards with the same aesthetics and feel.

Said that one should be convinced of how important it is to ensure the logo’s versatility.

Now, we would be diving into the topic and will see what factors make a logo versatile.

Versatile Logo Should Include What Design Elements?

It is an entirely subjective and challenging matter for anyone to enlist the top Design Elements Should a Versatile Logo Include. But our professional and experienced Graphic Designers have concluded some top of the list factors to enable you to understand what prominent factors of any Logo are to make it Versatile and Simple.

Here are the Design Elements to keep in your mind while designing a logo for your business.

Simple Design for Logo

Versatile Logo

Less is More. So, do your best to keep your logo as simple as possible. A complex Logo Design compels you to include more colour and elements to your logo. Consequently, your logo becomes bulky and less recognizable. If you look over the Global Brand Logos, you can easily witness that they all are quite simple logos.

For example, Nike Logo is a mono-colour simple swoosh. Similarly, the Apple Pay logo is also a bitten apple with simply written ‘Pay’. KFC logo has a lettering/monogram logo which is a relatively simple and strong logo.

Moreover, if you see the logos of other Global and Giant Companies logo like Samsung logo, Zoom logo, and Twitter logo, you will see one thing similar: SIMPLICITY.

Are you looking for a Simple yet Strong Logo for your startup or small business?

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Versatile LogoVersatile Logo

Versatile Logo

Pay Attention to Details

Pay Attention to Details

You have to incorporate the details in your logo design, but too many details make your logo bulky and unfit for scaling. So, you have to approach optimally when it comes to the elements. Try to keep the details less enough to convey your business message. So, always give it a second thought, how much detail is necessary for your business logo.

Sometimes, the detail of lines, colours, as well as fonts becomes inevitable. But too many details and elements cause printing troubles. For example, if you have to incorporate thin and delicate pieces with several colours, these details may vanish when you are printing. On the other hand, if you are printing on small products, these details may appear broken shapes. So, try to remain stringent with more information and keep details minimum as much as possible. Only include the elements that are extremely necessary to convey your message. In addition to this, keeping your logo versatile and straightforward saves your remarkable printing cost.

Space Inclusion or Exclusion

Space Inclusion or Exclusion

You have to be very careful when your logo design has a negative space or white space. If you overlook it, you may leave the white space inconsistent. Consequently, elements will overlap each other while printing. So, you have to ensure the consistency of white space, and it should not be so close to elements. Contrarily, if you include an ample space between the details, you will not show the association between the elements. Consequently, you would not be able to convey the business message through your logo design.

Be Selective With Color

Be Selective With Color

Arguably, the logo is meant to play with human psychology, and the most effective way of doing so is to use effective colours. Colours are helpful to convey your business message and provide a feel. For example, the green colour is best to convey growth, fresh and natural. Similarly, the orange colour conveys warmth and touch. The red colour conveys the alert or energy.

So, having too many colours in your logo triggers too many messages. Consequently, viewers get a mixed feeling or message. You are keeping the colours as low as possible results in a meaningful and clear logo. So, the best practice is not to use more than three colours in your logo.

Colourless Logo

Colourless Logo-Versatile

Though colour consideration is a crucial part of your brand identity, having a quality colourless logo is equally important.  Here we are going to explain.

Colourless Versatile Logo Makes You Business Win

Another important factor among What Design Elements Should a Versatile Logo Include is that logo looks great both in colours and without colours. You will need to print your logo in black and white in the newspaper, fax copy, magazines etc. So, your logo should retain its uniqueness and feel when you print it in black and white. This will ensure better logo presentation and brand identity.  So, an ideal and expert graphic designer develops the logo in black and white and submits it for approval. If the black and white version of the logo gets approved, the designer starts to fill the colours.

Use Gradients Optimally

Use Gradients Optimally

Doubtlessly, Graphic Designing is quite challenging, and you have to make the decisions optimally. Similarly, you have to be wise with gradients to make your logo versatile and impactful. So, go for gradients only when they add overall quality and appeal to the graphic designer. Usually, tints and gradients disappear when you print the logo. On the other hand, excessively dark tints will cause spots and patches when you print the logo. In addition to this, many recreation processes cannot handle gradients efficiently.


The versatility of the logo is not as easy a job as it looks. However, if you succeed in making your Logo Design Versatile, it would be a big win for your business. Your logo should be compatible with all of the possible conditions.

We are going to summarize What Design Elements Should a Versatile Logo Include.