Why is Youtube's Logo BHM?

Why is YouTube’s Logo BHM?

What is BMH on YouTube? Why is BMH on YouTube? The internet is questioning about why YouTube logo has BHM written on its right. We have gotten some details about this hot topic. Read below to find out more about it.

YouTube is the world’s most used video sharing platform. It has billions of videos and you can find video of any niche you can think of. The best part about YouTube is that with 2 clicks you can make your own YouTube channel and with a single click, you can upload any video.

People have made a good livelihood by uploading content on YouTube. Now, you can also find YouTube SEO courses to promote your channel in organic way. Though YouTube changed its logo 5 times but YouTube has BHM written on it.

What is YouTube BHM Logo?

YouTube changed its logo on 1st February. BHM stands for ‘Black History Month, B is in orange color, H is in red color and M is in blue color. B, H and M letters have two stars in it in white color. BHM is slightly italicized. All three letters have a white gradient in it. The font used in the YouTube BHM logo is thick bold italicized Calibri Body.

YouTube celebrates black history month and to pay tribute, they put these letters on the right side of YouTube’s logo. This is not a permanent change but users will see this modification for the whole month.

Users should know that this change is seen in some countries only. In Canada and USA, this change in YouTube’s logo is seen in February and in some European countries, this logo can be seen in October.

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Who Designed YouTube BHM Logo?

The YouTube BHM logo was created by Leandro Assis. Leandro is an artist from Rio, Brazil who is known for his artwork related to LGBTQ+ rights and black culture. YouTube has also shared its Black History Month video related to the logo.

The video has a black background with icons related to Afro culture mostly relating to dance and music. Though YouTube makes changes in its logo every month to pay a tribute to the world’s iconic personalities YouTube BHM logo became the topic of the year but then again not all countries can see the YouTube logo changes.