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Youtube BHM Logo Vector

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About YouTube BHM

YouTube is a very famous platform and has become a kind of search engine where you can watch videos of every niche you can think of. YouTube has become a lot of people’s source of income. Many people have learned skills via this platform.

YouTube is a powerful platform and many people get awareness and keep themselves updated with all sorts of news. If YouTube closes today for good, many people will lose their income source and all companies in the world will have to change their marketing strategies.

YouTube BHM was shown for the whole month of October 2021. BHM stands for Black History Month.

Meaning and History of YouTube BHM Logo

We all know that the world is filled with racism towards Africans and many even got killed by white citizens. They are not given equal rights and they face a lot of discrimination even in this era where folks are very much woke. YouTube added the three alphabet BHM on the right side of the YouTube icon.

vectorseek YouTube BHM Logo

Evolution of YouTube BHM Logo

This change was not permanent but it was for a month only because the international day fixed for Black Month History is October. This addition was done to show support for the Black community around the world. Though only two countries were able to see this change in February; Canada and USA and some European countries could see this change in October. BMH letters have stars in it. Each letter has two stars.

Building of YouTube BHM Logo

The death of George Floyd shocked the world and the news spread around the world. The world was furious and every country paid a tribute to him. The YouTube logo was the same as before but the BHM was made of the following things.


            The font was completely customized.


            B is in orange color, H is in red color, and M is in blue color and the stars are in white color.

Logo Formats and Usage

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Variants of YouTube BHM Logo

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This update of the YouTube logo was seen in 2021 and maybe, it will change in 2022 and in the years coming. The update was very simple but the cause is powerful and strong.

Who designed the YouTube BHM logo?

YouTube BHM logo is designed by Leandro Assis.

Can I use the YouTube BHM logo on my assignment?

Yes, you can use the YouTube BHM logo on any assignment.